Friday, 21 February 2020


it's been aaaages! 
one has to break the silence somewhere,
so here goes,
with some Stockholm glimpses
from a very short & sweet trip. 

quiet moment at Stadsbiblioteket

mid-morning coffee at Café Pascal in Vasastan

Stockholm gem Hallwylska museet

semla season everywhere

at the Royal Palace

cosy in Gamla Stan


Thursday, 21 November 2019


wilted November flowers,
a puddle of light in the dark.


Friday, 1 November 2019

BULY 1803

To kickstart the weekend,
I wanted to share glimpses of
 or Buly 1803 for short –
a French beauty dispensary
that's simply breathtaking.

My Paris visit wasn't exactly
a shopping spree,
but I was set on choosing something special from Buly
to unpackage once our bathroom renovation 
would be complete.
This is by no means a paid promotion,
just pure love
for a heritage cherished to this day,
the most visually pleasing
shop imaginable
& super friendly staff,
who were happy for me to take some pics :) 
I mean,
those cabinets
with their rows of mysterious concoctions! 
Those Buly-crested floors! 

The visit  was complete
with Buly's very own calligrapher
scripting my name on 
my chosen purchase
(their Antique Damask Rose Body Oil,
which is still stashed in a box somewhere 
in the house,
while renovations are going on.
I'll dig it out when it's time
to show some bathroom pics...) 


Monday, 14 October 2019


glimpse of the château and door love in Saumur

thought I'd load a whole bunch of photos
from around the Loire Valley area
shot in the summer,
so with no further ado,
here goes –

antique shop rummage in Chartre

 a day out in Tours.

the beautiful château & incredible gardens of Villandry

evening glow in Amboise

Galerie David in Angers

thanks for hopping on the ride
– next stop Paris!


Saturday, 7 September 2019


it's sure been a while, 
but here comes a megapost
to make up for lack of life over here. 

welcome to our hideaway from this summer
in the Loire Valley.
a former gatekeeper's cottage
on the edge of the grounds
tucked between two tiny villages,
enclosed by fields,
at the end of a tree-lined alley.

the mornings would begin with a cup of coffee
on the front steps
saying hi to the cows opposite
& end under a starry sky
that seemed to arch
right above one's head.

you get the gist,
so enough with the talking
& on the with the pictures.


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