Saturday, 7 September 2019


it's sure been a while, 
but here comes a megapost
to make up for lack of life over here. 

welcome to our hideaway from this summer
in the Loire Valley.
a former gatekeeper's cottage
on the edge of the grounds
tucked between two tiny villages,
enclosed by fields,
at the end of a tree-lined alley.

the mornings would begin with a cup of coffee
on the front steps
saying hi to the cows opposite
& end under a starry sky
that seemed to arch
right above one's head.

you get the gist,
so enough with the talking
& on the with the pictures.


Friday, 5 July 2019


wishing you lingering summer days,
light that glows on the inside & out, 
memories to treasure.
more life on here in a few weeks! 


thank you to my model
Anastasiia Lokkila

Tuesday, 25 June 2019


the way the heart moves.

faded & grainy daguerreotype
on a faded & dilapidating porch
with model Anastasiia Lokkila.

Sunday, 23 June 2019



becoming june,
becoming freedom.

a moment with Julia Margaret Cameron.

coffee with cream left over
from yesterday's pavlova
(everyone's had better things to do
than pop to the corner shop
for some more milk.)
it made me think 
about my Finnish grandma Hellin
who would sip on hers
from a saucer
sitting on her yellow porch.
softly blurred childhood memories
like photographs faded by the sun.
if I could have a wish,
I'd ask for a chance
to sit there on that porch
and have a chat,
woman to woman, 
heart to heart.

 moments with roses. 
becoming roses. 
patient attempts
to capture fluttering butterflies,
but they won't be tamed.
strangely i feel them take flight 
somewhere deep inside. 


Friday, 21 June 2019


summer came 
in her robe of light
and sprinkled the earth
with flowers.

we've found ourselves
in a deserted city,
with most people headed 
to their summer cottages 
for midsummer.
I think we'll pack the car
with picnic stuff
& take a little road trip.
I'm yearning to see 
the sparkling sea
& pick (at least) those seven flowers
to slip under the pillow.

it's warm,
nature's bursting at its seams,
and in summer, 
the song sings itself,
as Mr William Carlos Williams says. 

Happy Midsummer!


(my gorgeous model: Anastasiia Lokkila)

Sunday, 2 June 2019


not many words in this post,
but about a million pictures
& a zillion memories behind them
from a week in the small Umbrian hilltop town
of Montefalco last summer.

a glimpse of the piazza above
turned into that fantasy setting
for velvety Italian evenings,
people gathered for a spritz 
before dinner,
while dark-haired, chocolate-eyed children
dart around on the square.
it's where we headed every night.

our home was down this little vicolo
about two minutes from the piazza.
the stone walls hid a simple, charming paradise.

after a week in Tuscany,
we loved the slightly more authentic vibe,
less tourists,
living more like locals.


all images shot in Montefalco.

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