Sunday, 21 September 2014


The waft of mint takes me back to summer mornings

in grandma's garden.

She would tell me to rub the coarse leaves

between my fingertips

to release the fragrance 

that she loved so much

(lavender being her other favourite).

And then, years later,

to velvety nights in the  house in the hills we rented in Italy 

the summer before last,

- we'd open wide the double doors leading to the balcony

after our escapades for the day,

and the marriage of sage, rosemary and mint

would hit you

like a fragrant herbal bomb. 

Despite permanently loving a  'bland' palette

of muted whites, greys and beiges,

I seem to be regularly drawn to certain colours

that beckon for a miniature exploration.

Minty greens are on the tip of my tongue right now. 



P.S. That minty pesto turned out delicious

- recommend it! 

(I think I ended up using about half and half of basil & mint.)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


These autumn days that still remain

warm, bright and green,

locally harvested apples from the market,

a sudden urge to bake, 

richer colours and textures,

Faye Toogood's home elegance (hit the video play button!),

these portraits,

this home, which was also featured 

in the latest issue of Lantliv.


(P.S. I noticed the wrong link opened up 

when using my mobile phone,

click "Elle Deco UK III", if checking the home link that way.)

Monday, 15 September 2014


Last week I found myself

in an old, dilapidated paper mill,

with dark, secret passages

and colossal halls,

where dust-covered windows

sifted the rays of the sun outside 

into softest, milkiest light.

We delved into the world of architecture photography

using a wide-angle, tilt-shift lens,

(or fish and chips lens as we'd call it :)),

checking that every beam and cable

was perfectly aligned right down to millimetre exactness.

Fortunately there was also plenty of time

to get lost in the space

and fill one's own memory card with souvenirs. 

Viime viikolla löysin itseni

vanhasta, tyhjillään seisovasta tehdasrakennuksesta,

jossa oli mitä ihmeellisimpiä tummia käytäviä

ja suuria saleja,

joiden pölyttyneistä ikkunoista

valo taittuu läpi maitomaisen pehmeästi. 

Luvassa oli millintarkkaa arkkitehtuurikuvausta

tilt shift -objektiivilla,

mutta onneksi aikaa jäi myös sopukoiden tutkiskeluun

ja oman muistikortin täyttämiseen. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


"I live in this amazing old building 
with hidden passage ways, 
wrought iron gates, 
theater-style loggias and balconies, 
old looming trees lining the drive-way, 
narrow staircases like this with a calm, 
muted colour palette you'd wish you had 
on your own walls, 
but can only really be achieved by the passing of time. 
The place even has its own clock tower. 
And I was on my way to take a picture of it... 
but I never got that far."

I have an instacrush. 
The pale and hushed home of Annika von Holdt.

She's a stunner and a style queen, who's graced the covers of many a magazine,
but now divides her time between Denmark and the Caribbean,
and writes novels for a living. 
You may be following her already,
but thought I'd spill the beans in case you don't.

So here for a little tour around her
Copenhagen home.

You can visit her website here
follow her on instagram here

All images with kind permission

Sweet dreams, 


Sunday, 7 September 2014


The journey continues.
Today, I sent off my product folio to the school,
documentary photography project in full swing,
slowly making friends with studio lighting,
people and architecture just around the corner. 

Mind and soul still wide open to all that's new,
despite the bouts of insecurity in the back of my head -
time seems to be occupied by a thousand other little things,
although this is by far what matters the most.

And a child of natural light is quite good 
at devising all sorts of other juicy little arguments inside her head,
when people around are eagerly discussing
triggers and drones,
clipping and softboxes... 
Or as I'm about to upgrade my camera 
to the latest fine and dandy model,
but find myself repeatedly typing "film cameras"
in the ebay search field... 

Or when thinking about the future -
what one really wants
and could even get,
by working hard enough, believing in oneself,
networking and not giving up... 
But at the same time feeling so conscious
that life is fragile,
the mind and situations are prone to change,
you never know.

And so you trace back your steps
to here and now,
and the safe haven of knowing that today
the path under one's feet is the right one,
even if it's shrouded in fog.
And that's enough.

Tänään lähetin tuotekuvakansioni koululle,
dokumenttikuvausprojekti täydessä vauhdissa,
studiovalojen kanssa ystävystyn pikkuhiljaa,
ihmiset ja arkkitehtuuri nurkan takana.

Edelleen sielu ja mieli avoinna kaikelle uudelle,
vaikka pään sisällä välillä epävarmuuden ailahduksia -
aika kun meinaa karata tuhanteen muuhun asiaan,
vaikka juuri tämä on nyt tärkeintä ja mielekkäintä.

Ja luonnonvalon lapsihan kehittelee päänsä sisälle
vaikka minkälaisia meheviä ristiriitoja,
kun ympärillä puhutaan triggereistä ja koptereista,
syväyksestä ja softboxeista…
Tai kun tarkoituksena on päivittää kamera uuteen ja uljaaseen,
mutta löytääkin itsensä jälleen kerran näpyttelemästä
ebayn hakusanoiksi ‘film cameras’…

Tai kun miettii tulevaisuutta -
sitä mitä oikeasti haluaa
ja minkä voi saadakin,
jos vain tekee tarpeeksi töitä ja uskoo itseensä,
verkostoituu eikä luovuta…
Mutta samalla sitä muistaa, että elämä on hauras,
 tilanteet ja mieli muuttuvaisia,
koskaan ei voi tietää.

Ja niin sitä palaa takaisin,
tähän hetkeen,
siihen turvasatamaan, että juuri nyt sitä kuitenkin
kävelee oikealla, vaikkakin sumuisella tiellä.
Ja se riittää. 

Texture in last image courtesy of Alice Popkorn

Friday, 5 September 2014


A Friday home tour of a 

drop dead gorgeous family

and house to match... 

You can read the original article here.

All images: Lonny

Wishing you a lovely, lovely weekend!


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