Wednesday, 25 May 2016


"The white peony is the most fragrant 
& least tolerant of the sun,"
said the smiling lady at the flower stall on the market.

The queen of the garden,
in my opinion.

And always a loving reminder
of my Finnish grandmother, Hellin,
(which means "gentlest" in English,
pretty adorable really).
Her bed of pink peonies
in front of the porch 
of her yellow wooden house
is forever engraved in my memory.
I always felt they were her tenth child.
(Yes, she had nine human ones,
and I now
a gazillion cousins
on my mother's side,
even the toughest guys in the family
with that special attachment to the peony
- to her.) 


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Mornings unfold
so tenderly these days.
White linen gentle against the skin,
the glorious light
caressing the face.
The sun forms puddles of light on the floor,
where, as we speak, the birch tree outside
is in the midst of a bout of fervent shadowplay. 

I think the seasons 
have a stronger effect on me
than I care to admit.
The spring sun has brought along
an ease, a joy,
a lease of oxygen in the lungs,
a restless itch under the feet.

Within these thick, stone walls,
roses cultivated to perfection quickly wilt
- outside, under the golden rays of the sun
& passing showers of rain,
wildflowers flourish & weave their carpets.


Monday, 16 May 2016


well this home in a16th century palazzo in Milan
made me sigh ooohhh & aaahh...

Shot by Beppe Brancato,

Sunday, 15 May 2016


a few days of just me & her in the house.
the hallway is almost as good 
for practicing the handstand
as the backyard. 

in the afternoon,
she went to a birthday party,
while I walked a little.
popped to the winter gardens (again, sorry :)).
this time, there was a choir singing
& small gatherings of people
sharing a flask of coffee
or bottle of bubbly
in a quiet nook here & there,
under the shadow of 
sprawling evergreens. 

Then to the National Museum
and the photography exhibition of Jaakko Heikkilä,
 whisking to a world of grand Venetian palazzos. 

we've been having friends over in the last few days,
both the small & grown-up kind.
in other words,
a Sunday with
plenty of leftovers in the kitchen.

I made this simple quiche yesterday,
served with a salad of 
melon, buffalo mozzarella & mint
& glass of chilled rosé, 
which created a rather succulent combo,
and finished off with
meringue nests, fresh berries, fruit,
& a dollop of créme fraiche.

but the winning combination
is food & friends,
no matter what the menu.
( often the simpler the better I think...)

some Sunday excerpts here.
and I wish you a lovely evening! 


Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I've dived straight into the heatwave,
good things filling the days.
 Mumford & Sons last weekend -
despite the gigantic arena,
the ambience was intimate & spirited at the same time.
They gave their all,
me & the throngs around joining in,
 body and soul.

We walked back home under the velvety sky
of what felt like the perfect summer's night,
only in May.
A sense of wild
running through the veins
in that moment.
Ever-present in the mind
even for someone
with a family, mortgage, deadlines,
a certain stability
that lacked at a younger age.
Now they complement one another.

Holiday plans shaping up,
Provence beckons around the corner,
a dream of many years. 

Paahteeseen on ollut helppo sukeltaa,
hyviä asioita mahtunut päiviin.
Mumford & Sons viime viikonloppuna -
vaikka jättimäisellä areenalla olikin,
oli tunnelma intiimi & railakas yhtä aikaa. 
Tyypit heittäytyivät täysillä,
minä ja muut mukana.

Kävelimme kotiin samettisessa kesäyössä,
vaikka virallisesti taitaa olla vielä kevät.
Tuli suorastaan vähän villi olo,
sillä tavalla kutkuttavasti.
Se kulkee mukana aina,
pään sisällä,
oli sitten perhettä, asuntolainaa, dediksiä,
tiettyä vakautta,
jota ei nuorempana ollut.
Nyt ne täydentävät toisiaan.

Lomasuunnitelmat lyöty lukkoon,
nurkan takana Provence,
monen vuoden unelma. 


Friday, 6 May 2016

hela världen står i blom

I walked around the bay last night
to a new, slower rhythm,
Eva Dahlgren's latest streaming through the ears.
(The album title Jag sjunger ljuset - I sing light
is exactly what she does... 
In my humble opinion
she also sings images & fragrances,
an ethereal beauty.) 

Plants in the confines 
of the closed wintergardens 
pressed against the sizzling evening sun,
a cherry tree stretching its
tender, blooming branches towards the light. 
Everything in bloom.


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