Friday, 1 February 2008

Friday Inspiration - Filippa K

The family home of Filippa Knutsson, fashion designer behind Swedish label Filippa K , seems to elude a relaxed, toned-down elegance, just like her clothes. Although I generally have a soft spot for something a little quirky, there's such a stylish, warm and inviting feel to this pad. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. Have a lovely first weekend of February!

Photos: Per Ranung for Elle Interiör


  1. hi there!
    what lovely, lovely pictures. I would love to have her house, so big, airy, spacious. Very inspiring. Wish you a nice weekend!

    Solange :-)

  2. Mukavaa viikonloppua ja pidetään YHTEYTTÄ yllä1

  3. Ooh, tuo keittiö. Mahtavan iso.

    Ja tuo kakluuni vanhempien makuuhuoneessa, kerrassaan upea.

  4. First of all, I absolutely adore your blog! You choose apartments to present that really match my taste :)
    Filippa's house is beautiful (I wish I had so much space for myself and my family) but what is missing in most of the appartments/houses is books. I always look for bookcases on the pictures of interiors as for me books are the soul of a house. Interiors withour books are a bit empty and... yes, soulless. No gadgets, no furniture, no objects at all will substitute books.

  5. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I will add you to my blog roll and come back often!

    All best,

  6. I totally agree with chihiro. I actually take a magnifying glass sometimes to see if I can read the titles on the spines. It's fun when I see some of the same books I have on someone else's shelves.

  7. Solange - I agree, her place gives me a warm feeling! Have a lovely weekend!

    Magi - Kiitoksia samoin :)

    Merja - Tuo avaruus on jotain mitä minäkin ihailen täältä pikkuhuoneisesta torpastamme käsin :) Ja muistelen pienoisella haikeudella entistä korkeakattoista huoneistoamme...

    Chihiro - Thank you for your kind words! Glad you've enjoyed the posts. You are so spot on about the lack of books, I hadn't really thought about it consciously before! I agree that a home isn't really a home without books. Perhaps I should devote a post entirely to the way people house their books!

    All the Best - I am very flattered! Welcome back any time!

    Carol - The contents of someone's bookcase does speak volumes!

  8. Ha, I just noticed a novel on her bedside table! :)

  9. Very beautiful the whole set of picture exude peace and charm, even her children look calm and well behaved. Very inspiring.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  10. Oh my God, Sanctuary, you'll have a difficult task (but of course nothnig seems to be difficult for you, judging by your interior design skills :)). There are whole books about "living with books" (e.g. I have lots of books at home but unfortunately not enough place to store them all nicely...

  11. This house is wonderful, so bright and beautiful. The designer's kids are absolutely adorable!


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