Monday, 4 February 2008

Ideas and inspiration

A sense of inefficiency, the uninspiring sleet out there and my travel fever have quelled any trickles of motivation for enhancing things around our home. That's when a drop of eye candy is in order:

Saamattomuutta, loska latistaa enkä matkakuumeen kourissa osaa nyt tarttua mihinkään erityiseen kodinehostusprojektiin. Silmänruoka tuo vähän lääkettä vaivaan:

Photos: Drömhem & Trädgård


  1. Hi
    When I look at those pictures, I would immediately start to paint and decorate.... such a good magazine.
    When my daughters room is renovated I will show more pictures. but I must wait:(((..... love to see more great pictures from you.....*Marie*

  2. Ihania kuvia, kiitos! En ole tainnut tuohon lehteen juuri tutustuakaan, pitääkin muistaa pitää silmät auki seuraavalla lehdenhakureissulla :)

  3. Nice work......lovely eye is so addictive, trouble is I just get full of ideas and then want to start on my own stuff .......
    Have a great week
    Hugs Lynn xx

  4. Nice pictures, inspires me to yet another idea...
    hope you have a good week and that you can
    enjoy your home. How is your bedroom going?

    Solange :-)

  5. Ihanat kuvat. Pitää hakea lehti kotiin...

  6. Hi
    I really like your pictures. They are very beautyfull.You inspires me. Cant wait to see more from you!

    Have a good evening.

    Tante Freddy

  7. Marie - yes, I was inspired by these, too! Actually now it's more a lack of time before we go away, I know it will be nice to come back to press on with trying to get our home a little more sorted. I look forward to some pictures :)

    Inkivääri - Tuo lehti on vähän sellainen outolintu. Lankean siihen välillä kun kaiken runsauden ja tätimäisen keskellä on yleensä helmiä. Eli ei kannata odottaa liikoja, jos ostat omaksi!

    Sea Angels - I know what you mean :) Can be a good thing, although sometimes when there's a lack of time it can get frustrating!

    Solange - I got a clear idea from those pictures, too, we can see if we end up doing the same thing :) The bedroom is standing still at the moment, hubby's been too busy with life to attend to it for a little while. Hopefully when we get back from our trip it won't be too long!

    Magi - Oikeastaan noiden kuvien perusteella ostin koko lehden... Siinä ei kauheasti ollut muuten kivaa. Tai liikaa kukkia, pihajuttuja ja sälää omaan makuuni.

    Tante Freddy - Thank you! I found these inspirational, too.

  8. What a lovely pictures you're sharing with us! Inspirational indeed!
    Have a look at my blog... little surprise for you!
    Have a nice day!


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