Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday Inspiration - Fil de Fer

I am sure many of you are familiar with this Copenhagen home. Such beautiful pieces, calm hues, yet there's something appealingly raw about it. Owner Lars Kristensen's beautiful shop Fil de Fer also features an online shop.

Images via Taverne Agency


  1. Oh yes!!! Tanja got right!!! This is absolutely perfect, a dream! I wished my husband would be so interested in interior:) But I´m so glad and happy that he tries to make my dreams come true. He is working hard every night ( nightshift) and on weekends he´s working on our house!!He say´s I do the hard work and you do the decorating stuff, what not means that I don´t help him;).... Sanctuary have a cozy weekend and thank you for the dreamy pictures...*Marie*

  2. His home has been in so many books and magazines but I love to look at it each beautiful: Thanks for posting these!

  3. Nyt muistin, siis sinun inspiraatiokuvasi. Tulin käymään ja Ihania taasen. Koti kaaoksessa, mutta nyt inspiroiduin. Varokaa villakoirat täältä tullaan...
    Hyvää viikonloppua sinulle!

  4. loooove the photos :-) I really would love a floor like that and then space and light in my house. thanks for sharing these nice pictures, really inspiring.

    have a good weekend sanctuary!


  5. I´m speechless, you live in heaven!

  6. Youpiie! It's Friday and as every Friday, I have rendez-vous with Sanctuary!Beautiful pictures as always and great inspiration. Thanks. Anne.

  7. Kauniita kuvia, mm. aivan ihana lattia!

  8. Oh!!!! All the images are So inspiring!!! They are wonderful!! I love all the white tones, the fresh and inviting enviroments, this is how my dream home will look like :) Thanks for sharing so much beautiness!

    Have a great great weekend!
    Hug Aina

  9. Beautiful, just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these :)

  10. oh i just adore this place!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful homes with us. They are new to me. I'm putting you on my favourite link list, hope that's oke with you. Have a great weekend and take care, yvonne

  12. Juuri tuo keittiö oli meillä silmissä, mielessä, haaveissa kun omaa laitoimme. Vaan matkan varrella tulikin aika erilainen.

  13. Lovely lovely words, it's always so nice to start off the weekend with you! Georgia - unfortunately my home isn't quite as heavenly :), My Lovely Cottage - Thank you for adding me!!

    Teidän kanssanne on aina niin ihanaa aloitella viikonloppua!! Kiitos sanasista!


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