Friday, 27 June 2008

Friday Inspiration - Home of Christina Strutt

I came across a magazine my mother had brought from a trip to Italy featuring the home of Christina Strutt, author, stylist and talent behind the lovely English fabric and homeware label, Cabbages&Roses. I'm sure her home must have been featured in various magazines, but I've never stumbled upon it until now, and wanted to share! (You can click to enlarge the images.) Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Photos from Casa Chic magazine


  1. Minä en ainakaan muista aiemmin näihin kuviin törmänneeni, joten ihanaa että jaoit ne meidän kanssamme! Kerrassaan hurmaava koti!
    Hauskaa viikonloppua :)

  2. Greetings from Seattle! I have a book by Christina Strutt, and I love it...Thank you for sharing these lovely photos...Take care, Katie

  3. What a inspiration!!! Thank you so much!! I´m having a little blog break. Here in DK we have summer holidays and I´m driving with my kids to my moms. I wish you a great summertime with lots of fun and vacation. Take care my dear friend and I can´t wait to read your posts in 2 weeks!!....*Marie*

  4. Tosi kivoja kuvia!Ja ihanaa saada ulkomailta lehtiä!
    Iloista sunnuntaita!

  5. Inkivääri - Mukavaa kun miellytti! Mietin kyllä jälkeenpäin, että varsinkin pienessä koossaan kuvat näyttivät tosi valjuilta, kun ei ollut tarjota niitä digitaalisessa muodossa.

    Katie - How exciting to get such a lovely comment all the way from Seattle! Yes, she's brought out some beautiful stuff!

    Marie - Oh, I wish you a relaxing, sunny, lovely holiday! I'll miss your posts, but look forward to catching up again after your break!

    Anu - Mietinkin, miten paljon on ulkomailla ihania lehtiä, joita ei täältä saa. Varsinkin niitä tanskalaisia ja norjalaisia...

  6. thanks so much for sharing! what a gorgeous house she lives in. i thought i've seen her before but the pictures don't look familiar at all, i think it most be her business partners house i ve seen.

  7. Thanks! I am a big fan of hers and always wondered how her house looks like.

  8. What lovely photos of Christina Strutt house, she has just bought out a new book called Cabbages and Roses at Home with Country, it is a lovely book truly inspirational. So glad I have found your blog!


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