Sunday, 28 June 2009

Visiting Grandma's / Mummilareissulta

Sunny days, tranquil small-town atmoshphere, kids lapping up the luxury of time with the grandparents, getting immersed into this rivetingly sweet season.

Kesäpäiviä, pikkukaupungin raukeaa tunnelmaa, lapsille hyvää hoivaa, heittäytymistä tähän kertakaikkisen suloiseen suveen.


  1. Gorgeous, goregous, gorgeous. It is just like a fairytale and how lush those trees look!

  2. Gray & white, so relaxing. What a wonderful place to visit. And how lucky for those who call it home.

  3. Viimeisen kuvan pöytä on upea.

    Kiitos tästä kauniista kierroksesta!

  4. it all looks so lovely - i want to go to grandmas too!

  5. Julie@beingRUBY - These small, quaint towns can have such dreamy corners! It seemed to rain solid for so many weeks that everything is really green now!

    I'm Julia - I love the combination of grey and white, too - would be perfect colours for a dream home!

    Ilona - Ei kestä! Tuoleja ja pöytää piti tosissaan ihastella, kerrassaan ihanat kaikessa ruostuneisuudessaan.

    Carole - No place like Grandma's :)

    Carole -

  6. Yes, please let's all go to grandma!

  7. Beautiful words paired with gorgeous photos!
    I love the first and last pic so much!


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