Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Home meets fashion

Photographer Dylan Thomas for British Vogue


  1. Sorry, I have to search this blog because I want to search Blog related to Sanctuary TV Show but I could not get it. Any way your blog is excellent. I got pleasure to see all the pictures in your blog. Good work, keep it up!

  2. Ihania kuvia, sain taas monta ideaa :) Yritin maalata kenkälaatikoita spraymaalilla, mutta siitä ei tullut oikein mitään. Mutta nehän voisi tosiaan päällystää jollain hauskalla paperilla.

  3. Ooh. Kolmannen kuvan peili ja tuo viidennen kuvan verho... huoh. Niin upeita.

    Tämä oli hieno sarja! (vaikka tuo telkkari kirjapinon päällä onkin vähän huvittava :)

  4. I don't know what I love the most....the white mirror, mantle piece or the gorgeous drape in the bathroom. Thank you for the lovely post.

  5. carlo - Funny how you ended up stumbling on my blog, glad you enjoyed it despite it not being exactly what you were after :)

    Jutta - Mullakin ollut viime aikoina tarkoitus haalia lootia ja päällystää kivoilla kankailla, tosin ne sopivat kankaat odottavat vielä löytymistään.

    Merja - Tuollaiset peilit on ihan huippuhienoja. Nököttävä telkkari on aika koominen juu, toisaalta lohdullinen, sillä meillä löytyy vastaavia kummallisia virityksiä ympäri asuntoa kun ei olla vielä kehitelty ratkaisuja :)

    The Brocantes - I know what you mean, such great pieces and lovely contrasts.

  6. very nice pictures, and I also loved your previous post on your bathroom, which is always nice to see how other people have it. Our bathroom is a mess, we are planning to change it one day, but it's quite expensive so we are still checking what exactly we want....
    have a lovely weekend!

  7. Hi,
    Fashion is the best way to show out our personality and also glamour..
    so i will take this article in my life...
    Thanks for sharing valuable info..

  8. Solange - Good luck with your bathroom thoughts, it can be a daunting prospect as it doesn't come cheap and have to live with it for years. We'll be having to re-do ours in a few years' time, too.

    r4dsi - Glad you got some inspiration! Fashion and homes seem to tie together more and more these days, both can express our own loves and dislikes :)


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