Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Glimpses from the home of Malene Birger

A quick note to say I haven't forgotten about you or the blog, but been busy with work and settling our youngest into her new daycare place. Thank you for all your beautiful words in the last post, I'll get back to them as soon as I have a little more breathing space :). Until then, take care, won't be long!

Photos: Sköna Hem


  1. She has a lovely home and I love her clothes!!!

    Have a nice day! XX Nicky :)

  2. Hi,

    Not only beautiful clothes, but very Stylish house as well. I like it very much!

    groetjes Madelief

  3. Niin täynnä hyviä ideoita tuo koti. Voi kun pääsiskin sinne ihan yksikseen vähän nuuskimaan.

  4. Beautiful pictures and i really love the grey cabinet in the livingroom :)

  5. Very pretty.


  6. Just want to THANK YOU for this images of Malene Birger! and wishing you ALL the best for you and your family for the New Year 2010!
    An admirer of your blog.

  7. Love these photos. Want that built in hutch in my new kitchen.

  8. Hyvä haltiatar, tahtoisin juuri tuollaisen harmaan astiakaapin, kiitos.
    Niitä kolmea muuta toivomusta täytyy vielä hetki miettiä ;)


  9. your blog is one of my absolute favorites. it is so beautiful and you post such unusual things. thank you so much for sharing so much incredible beauty!

  10. Gorgeous glimpses...

    I so love your blog I'm going to add you to my blogroll.

    Hope you managed to get the little one settled into daycare.

    Angela x

  11. Nicky, I so agree!

    Madelief, She's one stylish lady!

    Neiti Nimetön, Katselemista varmasti riittäisi, ihan uskomattomia kokoelmia.

    Therese Fjellrosa - Me, too, I would love something similar for our china and glasses etc.

    FringeGirl - Ditto :)

    Anonymous - Your words made me really happy, thank you!

    Lindalou, Congratulations on a new kitchen! We've been planning a new one, too, just need to get some paperwork done.

    hilma - Toiveesi toteutukoon! (vaikken ihan haltijattareksi ole muuttunutkaan :))

    Freshly Found - Absolutely :)

    Debbie, Thank you for saying such lovely, lovely things! I do enjoy sharing and am really happy, if others enjoy peeking in, too :)

    Angela, Thank you for adding me! The little one has settled really well, and although it's a little further from our home than we were planning, the place seems so perfect for her.


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