Friday, 23 April 2010

Ah, Friday! You might recognise some of these photos from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors. These kitchen photos make me a little impatient to have ours ready, too, but patience, patience... I've been battling with a cold and some rather annoying work stuff this week, so I'm going to welcome the weekend in with open arms. Take care you lovelies!

Photos: Amy Neunsinger


  1. Oh how much I love every single picture of this post! Makes me want to redecorate my house! Have a beautiful weekend with a lot of sunshine!

  2. Love. It. All. All the rooms look perfect and fresh, so effortless. Wish I could get that look! I looks forward to all of your posts. You find the best photos to share. Thanks!

  3. I am getting inspired by these pictures. I am about to face one of my worse fears,... the reencounter with builders! And those pictures help to remind me, that all the pain will be worthwhile. TKU! SX

  4. I love these photos!!! I'm working at my kitchen as well and can't help to be impatient, I want to see everything finishes very soon!!!

    Have a lovely weekend, Zaira

  5. Vau, millaiset lasiovet!
    Edellisen postauksen sävyt olivat erittäin kauniit. Voisin sanoa, että nuo kuvat ovat korkealla minunkin suosikkilistallani :)

  6. Geisslein, I'm really glad you liked them! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, too! x

    pam, Thanks for your lovely, lovely words!

    theroofcat, I'm so sorry to hear about the extra dose of hard work you are facing. But it will be worth it, that's fore sure! Today has been another one of those days when our place is full of white dust from all the work that's going on and me trying to get some food together in a kitchen that looks more like a war zone. So I need the inspiration myself, and this blog is one little nook that can remain tidy and pretty no matter what goes on around :)

    Zaira, Good luck and lots and lots of patience with your kitchen renovation, too, do post some pictures of the finished results, so I can come and have a look:)

    Annika, Oikein kaksin kappalein, lasiovet onkin kerrassaan ihania, toivoisin meillekin johonkin kohtaan, mutta alkuperäisiin oviin ei tohdi koskea eikä taida löytyä sopivaa paikaa muualtakaan.

  7. WOW - this selection is stunning. I want to live in all those homes!

  8. Stunning interiors, calming athmosphere just the perfect environment to relax and unwind. Hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to get those work troubles out of your mind! Love your beautiful choice of images and thank you for sharing!


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