Monday, 7 February 2011

A summer's breeze in the height of winter

I know it feels far away, but aren't these just pure bliss? And as the icing on the cake, these summery delights by English fashion designer Claire Campbell are conjured into life by this little film

Photos: HIGH Spring-Summer 11 via Frolic


  1. Lovely. So pretty and romantic. Wish I could look like that whilst pottering around in my garden!!

  2. Ohhhh, I love this post!!! Incredibly beautiful!

  3. I may have to reconsider my wardrobe the next time I take a stroll in the garden. And my is the old lady beautiful or what? If only I'll age as gracefully, I'll be the happiest person to say no to plastic surgery.

  4. Mä ainakin jo eilen mietiskelin saviruukkujen likaista ja karheaa pintaa. Ajattelin ruusuja ja pioneita, ja ajattelin kulkevani just ton näköisenä jossakin kauniissa puutarhassa :)
    Vaan on totuus toinen! :D

  5. Voi näitä sun kuvia mitä löydät! Imen niistä itseeni virtaa ja katson ideoita että millainen kangas sopisi tuoliin ja ym. Sitten huomaan että siellä yhdessä kuvassa vilahtaa ihan miltei samanlainen kattokruunu kuin meidän olkkariin pitäisi tulla!

    Lempeää päivän jatkoa!


  6. Victoria, You'll have to dig out your loveliest, floatiest frock+a pair of muddy wellies next time :)

    Charlotte, The perfectly idyllic English country garden+some romantic fabrics seem to do the trick every single time.

    Nina, The older lady with the grey hair is incredibly stunning, so inspiring.

    Uuden Kuun Emilia, Onneksi voi ainakin mielikuvissa laukata. Mutta hyvin voin kyllä sinut kuvitella koltussa pihamaalla käyskentelemässä ja pioneita nuuhkimassa :)

    Anu, Ihanaa kuulla, että saat näistä virtaa ja sattuu idikset ja tyylit yksiin :) Omien nurkkien suunnitteleminen on ihan parasta. Ja kiitos toivotuksista, lempeältä on oikeastaan tuntunutkin, rauhaisa viikon alku.

  7. ooooh i love nina!

    thank you for this luscious post that set a lovely lovely tone for my day. it is always such a pleasure to stop by.

    come visit anytime and keep the bliss coming!


  8. Fantastic shots!!! Salut!!!


  9. We are snowed in but looking at all the breezy photos on your post was so much fun. Thank you.

  10. Oh this looks so wonderful... it is good we have pictures to make us able to dream away!
    Have a great day,
    love Maaike

  11. This post is just beautiful. It's made my day. Your posts are always so lovely and yours is the very first blog I started to read. I love it! Thank-you.

  12. Ihania kuvia ja upeasti ikääntynyt kaunis nainen!

  13. Your scrapbook of inspiration and ideas is terribly amazing.

  14. This is a great series of pictures. I love it.
    You have a beautiful blog here with lots of gorgeous inspiration.

  15. I agree... it seems far away but thanks for putting some sun into my day. I am longing for some sunshine and warmth... :-)
    have a nice week Rebecca!

  16. beautiful pics!!!! we are all waiting for this f**** spring to come!!!! can't wait

  17. Hi dears, thank you for your messages, I love love love getting them. It's -20 celsius here today, bring the spring on!!

  18. what an incredibly beautiful post, you truly have an amazing talent but I have to ask: where did you find the dress on the girl with the braid standing with her head turned away? It's the third pic from the bottom, that dress is to die for!

  19. Aaaaand then I read the caption :) silly me

  20. What a selection of beautiful photographs, I love the pictures of the older lady, how gracious and stunning she is, showing at whatever age we can look beautiful. Just adorable, lovely pictures, you have made my day. Ann

  21. This old lady is sooooo beautiful!

  22. The beautiful woman with the white hair,
    so stunning ! She seems so happy in her skin
    and that's so rare and inspiring!
    The whole layout is wonderful!

  23. just discovered your blog thru Rachel Ashwell. Thank-you for showing older women in fashion. Very inspiring!


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