Friday, 2 September 2011

Home of Malene Birger

Here's a lady whose home has been featured in countless magazines, but hopefully here are some new angles to some readers. 

The dining room (and the dog!) get my pulse racing. You can take a look at by Malene Birger autumn/winter collection here.

P.S. Have you seen the new Kinfolk magazine yet? Exquisite!

Weekend Pleasures!

Photos: Charlotte Grondahl for More than Classic magazine


  1. What a beautiful blog, i love the images very inspirational

  2. Great interior.
    Great tips!

    Thanx Franka

  3. Kinfolk on hieno. Olen ihaillut sen vaatimattoman kauniita (understated, tiedäthän) valokuvia.

  4. Sarah, So glad you thought that, thank you x

    Franka, I know these are rather wintery and seem maybe a bit distant right now, but there are some great details there.

    Merja, understated onkin hyvä sana tuota kuvaamaan. Ja koko ajatus sen taustalla on niin yksinkertaisen hieno.

    Johanna, Welcome x

  5. Soo lovely. Beutiful blogg.


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