Thursday, 1 September 2011

Michala Wiesneck

The Copenhagen apartment of Michala Wiesneck, chief designer at Day, is one my favourites. Her home breathes influences from Asia, memories from her previous home town Paris, and an enticing bohemian vibe.

Michala Wiesneck työskentelee Daylla pääsuunnittelijana, ja hänen kööpenhamilaisasuntonsa on yksi lempparini. Koti huokuu aasialaisvaikutteita, muistoja entisestä kotikaupungistaan Pariisista ja kiehtovan boheemia tunnelmaa. 


Photos: Charlotte Grondahl for Elle Interior Norway; Bolig MagasinetAlt for Damerne


  1. I do love as well this beautiful feminine interior-style!

  2. so many soft moments and then countered with edge...i am loving all the contrast and interest and self-expression.


  3. Something White, Michele & Leeann, Thanks girls, her home seems to work so seamlessly and effortlessly as a hotchpotch of different styles. Such an inviting, warm feel.


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