Friday, 30 September 2011

Serene charm

Starting off the weekend with some pictures from a Swedish home with a truly serene feel. Old kitchens like this are perfection, it's a shame our's was replaced with a small and unpractical chipboard version sometime i the 60s I guess. I'm sure there's a lingering waft of coffee in the air when I look at these. 

Viikonlopun alkuun kuvia ruotsalaiskodista, jossa on seesteinen tunnelma kohdallaan. Tuo vanha keittiö on ihan täydellinen, harmittelen, kun meillä se oli ilmeisesti 60-luvulla korvattu pikkuruisilla lastulevykaapeilla. Näitä katsoessa tunkee väkisin viekoitteleva kahvin tuoksu nenään.

The weather looks promising, a little excursion in order tomorrow methinks. There's a Slow Food festival in Fiskars Village, or maybe we'll end up as far as the coastal town of Hanko.

Luvassa leppeää säätä, huomenna voisi suunnata vaikkapa pienelle retkelle. Ainakin Fiskarsissa järjestetään Slow Food -ruokamarkkinat ja miksei sitä Hankoonkin asti voisi suunnata. 

Take care for now!

Photos: Bo-laget, via the lovely seventeendoors


  1. Your poetic writing about coffee made me go and get a cup! Now drinking it, I will enjoy the beautiful pics you´ve posted!
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. A very nostalgic home!

    Enjoy your weekend wherever you go!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Ah, yes...serene is the most perfect word for this home :)

  4. I've just discovered your fabulous blog! I love the simplicity of this kitchen and I have a thing for cupboard curtains! Warmest of wishes from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx

  5. Jimmy Schönning HEM, Thanks, nothing can beat a good cup of coffee. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, too!

    Franka, Thanks, it's been good so far, a lovely day in the country tasting good food and glorious autumn weather. Hope you're enjoying yours, too!

    Rebekka Seale, Such a serene and warm feeling :) Do you have some connection to Finland by the way? My name gets constantly mispelt here with two k's, as that's the Finnish version of the name.

    The Paper Mulberry, Your farmhouse soudns amazing, I must come and pop by over at yours!

  6. Hi there, thanx for linking to me.
    I wonder why your English is so good, you make people go and make coffee.. Are you part Finnish part British/American?
    Even though you post the most beautiful images, your writing is a big part that makes your blog så great.
    Have a nice weekend!!

  7. Hi there, thanks!! I'm half English and half Finnish, my dad is English, so I've always spoken English with him, although I've been brought up in Finland. I'm also married to a Londoner, so continue having a bilingual home. The kids speak Finnish to me and English with their daddy. A lovely weekend to you! x

  8. I thought so.. :)
    Thanx and same to you!
    /Ulrika x


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