Monday, 10 October 2011

Autumn break

The rain has been pattering all day, occasionally coupled with howling wind. But I'm not complaining, as days like these are filled with a magical mood. I was gazing at pictures from New York, Paris and London today, every autumn I find myself yearning for some big city buzz. We're heading for a little autumn break (in a small town though), so the blog will be quieting down for a moment. Take care until then!

Tänään on sade ropissut ja tuuli välistä ulvonut. Enkä valita, sillä juuri tällaisissa päivissä on tunnelmaa. Tänään katselin New Yorkin, Pariisin ja Lontoon kuvia kaihoten, syksyisin iskee aina suurkaupunkihimo.  Lähdemme pienimuotoisen syysloman viettoon (pikkukaupunkiin tosin), joten blogi hiljenee hetkeksi. Pitäkää huolta, palaillaan!


  1. I want to dive right into that bath tub... :)

  2. I agree with you that sometimes colder weather makes us want to be somewhere in the middle of a busy town, where lots is happening, many interesting things can be seen and documented. London, New York, Paris... would be perfect, but as I don't think I'll be going anywhere till 2012 I must say I would be happy even with a small town that I haven't seen before. Enjoy your trip, get lots of inspiration.

    P.S. The photos you have chosen, as always "kick" us to create and improve. Thank you.

  3. love this girl in the pastry shop. and fairly sure owning the yellow gown hanging in that bathroom would change my life.

    enjoy your break but don't stray long! this neurotic follower needs her relaxing sanctuary fix daily...

    sending sunshine.


  4. Ymmärrän niin sun kaupunki-ikävän, se on täälläkin. Toivottelen leppoisia päiviä pikkukaupunkiin :)

  5. Wonderful post ( as always)
    but I do not understand the shoes with the petits-fours...
    not that I wouldn't eat both, mind you.

  6. Autumn in New York; makes me think of a Woody Allen movie!
    Have a great break!

  7. Love your blog! I'll put myself as a follower to it...

    / Linda

  8. Your blog is fantastic. Love it.
    Have a great day.

  9. I have seen so many pages of your blog. Love it!
    So inspiring for my design...
    Thank you!

  10. Miss Flying V, The bath tub does look appealing, perfect in its simplicity.

    Kristina, Thanks for the lovely comment. There is definitely something about big city appeal and autumn, they go hand in hand. We had a nice week in a sleepy little town :)

    michele, Oh that yellow, such a beauty! And thanks for making me so welcome back x

    Hanna from the corner table, Kiitos, leppoisaa oli. Jouluna päästään isoon kaupunkiin, muta nyt syksyllä olisi ihan täydellistä.

    Jimmy Schönning HEM, Thanks! And you said it, Woody Allen movies are the perfect answer for longing to see New York, which ain't gonna happen just now :)

    Linda, So glad to hear, thank you!

    evalevabo, Thank you so so much for your sweet words, lots of love back! x

    emma, I cannot tell you how happy I am that you've left little traces of yourself over on my blog. I'm a huge fan of yours!!

  11. Oh and Linda (sorry I got confused as there were two Lindas :)) - the mixture of shoes and petit fours is indeed interesting :) Not that I'd say no to either of them. (I know Sarah Maingot has shot a great deal for Toast catalogues in the past, I have a feeling many of these derive from there.)


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