Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Inga Powilleit

The photos in the previous post were shot by Inga Powilleit, and here are some more enchanting captures through her lens. 

And I just wanted to say how grateful I've been feeling  for your warm&cheerful messages and uplifting spirit, makes returning to this little nook such a pleasure for me!

A lovely evening to you.

Photos: Inga Powilleit


  1. Blogisi on niiiiiiiin inspiroiva...kiitos;-)

  2. Kiitos itsellesi ja ihanaista päivää Mrs Jones :)

  3. i'm a bit mesmerized...i think i could stare at the image of the paintbrushes/studio all day long. and this shot of the dining/kitchen with the HUGE transom/interior windows is jaw dropping.

    i love how you find these interior shots that feel like we're spying--such a privilege to be able to share in the beauty.



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