Friday, 21 October 2011

This Parisian home

is just perfection. A marriage of muted hues and raw textures.  Pictures of this home have cropped up here and there, but had no other choice but to include it here as part of my 'scrapbook'. 

I hope you have a very happy weekend!


  1. I had only seen the first image, so it was a pleasure to see the rest..
    Have a nice weekend, as well Rebecka!!

  2. there is so much STRENGTH in these rooms, yes? my eye grows so accustomed to cozycomfysoft rooms so these really stood out. the strength comes from textures and metal and powerful photography on the walls. and the kitchen is incredible!


  3. Todella ihana, melkeinpä täydellinen! Tykkääntykkään.

  4. Beautiful! I especially love the colours in the living room!

  5. Loving it loving it loving it! :)

  6. Acabo de conocerte y ya estoy enamorada de tu blog. Gracias y hasta pronto.

    I finish of knowing yourself and already I am in love with your blog. Thank you and even soon.

  7. I love your blog. I've discovered by Etxekodeco!!!
    Love it. I'll follow you!!

  8. Hello everyone and thank you so! Lovely to begin Monday morning reading your comments over a cup of coffee. I think you hit the nail on the head there Michelle with the word strength coming to mind. And yet there are such comforting muted hues, a great combination.

  9. J'adore cet appartement avec ce sol ciment. Bravo pour votre Blog.


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