Monday, 21 November 2011

And so to bed

I could quite happily curl up with a book in any of these...

Sweet dreams, zzzzzz...

Photos: 1,2,4 Gardener & Marks, 3 le Journal de la Maison, 5 Design*Sponge, 6 loftlife, 7 Jocelyne Beaudoin


  1. Loved each and every photo and I'm pinning them. You come up with the BEST images. How in the world do you do it every time?

  2. I agree with Pamela. Are we in the same web with you? ;)

  3. so romantic. so chic. and so undecorated and live-able.

    love em!


  4. Hmmm....I just got out of bed But all of a sudden I want to lay down again *lol*

  5. Pamela Melland & maijanmaija, Your words make me gush, thank you <3 Guess I've just decided not to post anything I don't really love, lovely to notice if other people appreciate them, too :)

    michele, Agreed! So relaxed and cosy as well as somewhat romantic. But not over-the-top frilly at all.

    toves sammensurium, Not sure you could drag me out of one of these, either :)


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