Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Caving in

Okay, I've been holding my horses as far as Christmas is concerned - but with Toast throwing out pictures like these, I got a little weak... 


  1. I ordered the Toast-catalogues recently and I must say: they are gorgeous! Not only the paper has a very nice ´recycling´ quality, but also the pictures and items sold are so beautiful and full of cozy moods. Do you know already the men´s wear by Toast? Really worth a look.
    Happy day to you. Best wishes,

  2. I'm really glad you "caved"! (And my word verification is "swoon". Can you believe it?)

  3. Beautiful! Love all the candles by the fireplace.

  4. well now there's no doubt that im adding a pair of sweet linen pajamas to my wish list! a set of course. what else.

  5. omg rebecca. inspires me to get my ass in gear and have some pretty holiday things around to style and shoot!!! i love the naturally ethereal vibe and the simplicity of the loveliness.

    thanks so much for your gorgeous blog and exceptional eye!


  6. Oh my goodness..this is my sort of Christmas!! :)

  7. Katselin kanssa nuo samat kuvat :)
    Ja haaveilin pyjamasta. Meidän talossa kun pitsiyökkärillä ei tee yhtään mitään :D ... tarvitsee lämmintä päälle.

  8. Everyone seems to be ready for Christmas, so it must be time... I just wish for a white Christmas, so that with the lit candles, it would feel very warm inside.

    The photos you posted got me thinking about decorations... oh well, I must be giving in too :)

  9. Since I was a baby, I love Christmas. Is my prefer season. Your post is so beautiful.
    Have a nicce weekend;

  10. Hi all, I loved reading these. In a bit of a rush right now, but I'll get to you shortly. Have a lovely Saturday. x

  11. OI OI OI. Noissa Toastin kuvissa on muhun henkilökohtaisesti kolahtava joulutunnelma niin nappiin että oksat pois.

  12. I know, I know! Toast always gets me fired up for Winter... beautiful, gorgeous photos... I want to live in them! Thanks for your awesome blog posts... You're latest with the images from the French Website are to die for. I linked back to your blog on a few of the photographs with my Tumblr and my blog. Thanks again... :) Sue


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