Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas magic

So many days and not a peep out of me. I've been a little preoccupied but already look forward to attending a little more to my blog and lovely comments I've received very soon. Yesterday we could finally move our furniture back into the living room after all the painting and work on the floor, and all of a sudden I'm getting inspired by this season. Here are a few pictures to spark a little magic! 


  1. Magic indeed! I am so soothed and smitten by the "lights" of the season - little white lights, candle lights, simple lights...

  2. Tuo purkkivalaisin on hieno!

  3. magical images as always
    Have a great day

  4. little white lights...ohhhhhhh, yes! and the last image? seriously swooning. so magical.


  5. A bit of magic and fairy lights and it seems like Christmas. The Paris photo is amazing. Sinead

  6. I love all your christmas post... you have a delicious taste.
    Have a nice day;

  7. ooh am in love with the jamjar lights

  8. Los botes reutilizados como luminaria quedan muy bien y dan un toque muy calido!

  9. Rebecca, Simple seems to be the magic word for me, too. The flickr of candles, lovely smells from the oven, fairy lights and some flowers perhaps is more than enough for me.

    Merja, On tosissaan, ja niin kaunis kelmeä valo noista lähtee.

    Claudia Lane, Thanks! x

    michele, Wonderful wintry Paris indeed, wouldn't it be amazing to spend Christmas there one year?

    Urbanstems, It really doesn't need much to create a beautiful atmosphere, absolutely no need to go over the top!

    Ainhoa, So lovely to hear, thank you!!

    iNd!@nA, The jamjar lights are such a wonderful idea!

    DELEITE DESIGN, Had to google translate this :) Such an effective idea!

  10. Love the light fitting. I have something similar in my kitchen. Wonderful.


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