Monday, 14 November 2011

A house with soul

Photos: 1-4 via stylist Mia Anderberg, 5-9 Jonas Ingerstedt for sköna hem


  1. Niin upean rosoista!
    hienoja kuvia!

    ja kiva nähdä kuvia teidänkin kodista tuolla edellisessä. kaunista niin teillä!

    Iloista iltaa

  2. "Soul" indeed. You find the best of the best! I ♥ Sanctuary.

  3. want the first aid box with the cross. it's calling me!


  4. This house has a quiet elegance about it. Definitely a house with soul...

  5. What a beautiful house! Your blog is my very most favorite of all the blogs I visit; it's the first blog I visit every morning! It's so beautiful! I hope you'll visit my blog, too sometime. I'm an artist and make really pretty things. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and beauty!!

  6. Pretty vintage house!!! love it!!

    Virlova Style

  7. your images are always fantastic, I just LOVE beautiful!

  8. Anu, Ihan mahtavan kauniin rosoinen koti. Ja niin hienot sävyt.

    Rebecca, Thank you so so much! x

    michele, May the first aid box come your way :)

    Laurie, A very special atmosphere, yes!

    Debbie Schramer, Thanks so much for your warm words, makes me so happy to hear! I'd love to come over and take a peek at your creations, but I didn't find a link to your blog over on your profile?

    Virginia López (VIRLOVA), Love it, too :)

    Claudia Lane, Thank you <3 Everything here is just so special, that kitchen for example. How can even a pipe covered in newspaper look so good :)


  9. Tuossa voisi olla unelmieni kylppäri, kun vaan lattia olisi kiveä. En näe kunnolla, mutta näyttää puulta.
    Muutenkin ihanat sävyt tässä huushollissa.

  10. Liivia, Puulta tosiaan näyttää kylppärin lattia, en edes huomannut ennen kuin sanoit. Nämä sävyt on ihan uskomattomat.

    loquelvientosedejo, Absolutely!


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