Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pale & Beautiful

Caramel hues and salvaged objects - a South African home with such a calming vibe.

With love...

Photos: House and Leisure


  1. I love these images, and they are calming! I am striving to get a similar look, but I can't get rid of all the excess that makes my apartment look slightly cluttered instead of comfy cozy. I love the classic pieces in this home and the pared down look as if they have only used what they truly, truly love, nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for the look inside this beautiful home.

  2. mmmmmmm. i could be calm and comfy here. so much pale but not boring. the kitchen is amazing!


  3. Todella rauhallista ja selkeää. Tykkään!


  4. Kaunis talo kaikenkaikkiaan! Öljymaalaus ja kristallilampetit hellan päällä kyllä vähän mietityttävät. Ehkäpä hella on enempi rekvisiittaa. :)

  5. How do you manage to find so many beautiful homes and interiors to share? As always these photos are very inspiring and prove that you don't need much money to have a cosy home - most of the furniture is old, the pictures aren't framed, the house isn't too cluttered and I like the simple red brick wall in the kitchen!

  6. pam in oregon, I can empathise, sometimes it seems life is a constant battle against piles of things and unnecessary objects. And it doesn't help with two little hoarders in the house as well. This home looks like the perfect balance between beautiful things and plenty of space as a backdrop. I guess one should start organising more :)

    michele, I love the fact that they've used darker woods against all the whites.

    Anu, Tykkään kanssa, ei mitään liikaa näissä. Erityisesti tuo makuuhuonekuva vetoaa.

    Tuire, Tosi kaunis minustakin :)

    Kristina, I love the fact that this type of look, like you say, doesn't have to cost such a lot. Just takes time and patience to find those treasured pieces. But that makes it all the more interesting!

  7. It really do looks calm. Some times i need to see those places.


  8. belle balade dans ton univers.




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