Monday, 7 November 2011

Stockholm Style

I just saw these pictures of the Stockholm home of artist/illustrator Mats Gustafson over at seventeendoors, and just had to grab them, too. 

The accompanying article can be read here


  1. I looove these pictures and I'd love to have a room with a view like this. Stockholm is simply beautiful.


  2. The view from the window is spectacular!

  3. I can see why you were drawn to this home. The decor is warm and cozy yet not overly cluttered. I love the white walls and floors and the rustic wood table and chairs.

  4. Serene calming spaces, a joy to look at. Thank you for posting!

  5. Funny. Saw these in the T magazine yesterday and thought how right up your alley this beautiful space was.

    xo Jane

  6. ohhhhhh, i love it to, rebecca. but this kitchen table and chairs are so beautiful they are making me weep with the knowledge i can't have them!! gorgeous. and such a shining example again of how swedes are experts with light.


  7. House very bright, quiet and sober. Perfect example of Swedish taste!!! Love it!!

    Virlova Style

  8. I'm dying to see this home on a really sunny day, there are so many places it could just fill to the brim with light.

    Gorgeous living room with that dramatic globe of a light! It's just BONKERS! (rarely used, but awesome word)

  9. It is fantastic!!

  10. Rimpsukaisa, Ilo puolellani :)

    FrauSchmitt, Stockholm really is so very beautiful!

    Nuria, Simply breathtaking views, imagine waking up to that every morning!

    Laurie, It seems so classy and understated, and I love the oversized paper lamp in the living room. A great juxtaposition of styles!

    Juniper , A very harmonious place indeed, thanks for leaving a message!

    flwrjane, I love that, what a coincidence :) I must say that in this case the views add a great deal to the appeal. x

    michele, The kitchen is lovely, and the light fantastic. Lots of big windows and space I guess...

    Virginia López (VIRLOVA), Definitely a shining example of great Swedish taste :)

    miranda, I guess these pictures have that crisp, slightly cool autumn light about them. It's amazing how big a role light actually plays, and like you say, would probably look quite different basking in the warm, glowing sun. Bonkers should be used more often, great word :)

  11. It's truly beautiful! And very personal.

  12. I have followed his artwork for years and his style is getting down to the bare essential, as pure as possible and devoid of any artifices which is ironic since he is a fashion illustrator... it's interesting to see how he translated the same aesthetic ideals to his home. Great post again !


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