Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Simply Danish

Photos: Team Living


  1. Oih, näissä kuvissa silmä lepää. Tuo suuri peili on upea !

  2. I love dabish style and photos are so lovely!

  3. Tässä kodissa on joulukoristetta mun makuun. Ei mitään ylitsepursuavaa eikä liian prameaa..

  4. Uuh, onneksi jo viikon päästä on tassut matkakuopissa tuonne!

  5. Aivan ihana! Tuonne voisin muuttaa heti! Kyllä ne tanskalaiset osaavat!

  6. its all soo beautiful n stylish. exactly what a bloggers house should look like :) :)

  7. Una decoración navideña divertida y original. Beautiful.

  8. Näitä katsellessa ei voi kuin huokaista.

  9. I love it, so simple but beautiful

    which magazine??

  10. Hej! Jag tycker att jag har en intressant blogg!(som alla andra) därför undrar jag om du vill göra ett bloglovinbyte?

    Lägg till mig här:
    Säg till när du lagt till mig så lägger jag till dig! :)

    Om du inte vill ha dessa kommentarer ber jag om ursäkt :)

  11. love the doorway decorations--beyond mistletoe--how clever!


  12. Rebecca

    Thank you for your kind words at Secrets earlier, I replied there to it, but I just wanted to drop in here as well and let you know it was appreciated.
    I also have to say that I've been totally loving your blog posts lately, well I always do, but particularly so the past few months :) as I seem to want to pin everything you share!
    Kat x

  13. I love that ticking bedcover. I have a similar one in red, but it's a duvet cover and the comforter inside is smaller and keeps shifting. I think if I put batting inside it, stitched it, and made a quilt of it, it'd look like this one. Think I'll do it!

    As usual, your photographs are stunning.

  14. Hi, Thank you all so much! Just shows that simple is often so much more atmospheric. I really love the sense of space and the details that add so much warmth.


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