Thursday, 31 March 2011

Well I think I'm churning out posts at a pace that makes it my personal record :) Here are some shots from Othilia Thalund's home in Denmark's Taarbaek along my favourite stretch in the world,  Strandvejen. She runs an interior firm Othilia Decor, which has its showroom in Copenhagen. I'm sure I can hear the sea...

Photos: Fri

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Homes in Helsinki

It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a link to some beautiful apartments in my lovely hometown - greetings from Helsinki to wherever you might be reading this! 

Photos: Mindre via 16 House

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Petra Bindel

Many of these have appeared on my blog before, but Petra Bindel's home shots are something I keep returning to over and over again. All of these have been featured in magazines already a few years back, yet they seem to stand the test of time. 

Näistä on varmaan suuri osa teillekin jo tuttuja, mutta Petra Bindelin kotiotoksiin voisi palata aina vaan. Nämä ovat tainneet kaikki ilmestyä erinäisissä lehdissä jo muutama vuosi sitten, mutta silti nämä näyttävät minusta yhä kutsuvilta ja tuoreilta.

Photos via Agent Bauer

Monday, 28 March 2011

These endearing photos by Franne Voigt  brought a smile to my face, you may recognize some of these from previous Noa Noa catalogues. A mellow Monday to all of you!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

My own photos seem to stay hidden inside my camera these days, but I was finally inspired to sort them out as a little Sunday evening pastime. The wind is still cold on one's back, but you can definitely feel (or at least imagine) that spring is on its way! I'm suddenly spurred to wash our windows and air our eiderdowns, and there seems to be a new spring in the step after a long long winter. At the weekend, we carried on with our everlasting renovation, my dear man painted our daughter's future room and I spent hours poring over wallpaper catalogues. Oh the difficulty of choosing THE one! Luckily there was also time to eat well, walk by the sea, sit in a café and stare at some movies. How was your weekend? 

Omat kuvat tuppaavat nykyään jäädä kameran kätköihin, nyt iski vihdoin sunnuntaipuhteena inspis käydä niitä vähän läpi. Kylmä puskee edelleen selkään, mutta kyllä tuolla kevään voi jo aistia! Minut on yllättänyt himo kuurata ikkunoita ja tuuletella vuodevaatteita ja muutenkin tuntuu, että askeleeseen ilmaantunut taas uutta virtaa. Viikonloppuna jatkettiin hieman ikuisuusremppaamme, mies maalasi tytön tulevaa huonetta ja minä plarasin tapettikirjoja oikein olan takaa. Voihan päättämisen vaikeus! Onneksi oli aikaa myös syödä hyvin, kävellä merenrannalla, istua kahvilassa ja tapittaa leffoja. Mitä sinun viikonloppuusi kuului? 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A sunny Saturday morning to you! The home of Mille in Copenhagen, who is the owner of vintage shop Carmen&Fantasio, is filled with a unique ambience. The day has started with a relaxed vibe with coffee in bed, hubby getting back to painting and my daughter and I will be heading for a spot of shops and a café visit in a moment. Hope you all have a good day!

Photos: Idenfor&Undenfor
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