Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday eye candy

Edit: I posted the video below a couple of hours ago, and then stumbled upon some photos from the same place, so here's a little more. 

Fancy stepping in? - Take a look:

Photos: marie claire maison
Video via this lovely post


  1. This was very inspiring, love her home.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Lovely greetings...

  2. That's really an extraordinary and lovely home!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Hello
    Very nice home. I love lot of things...
    Thank you for the pictures

  4. Niinkun ne ruotsalaiset sanovat: "Jatte Bra"!!
    Tuli vahan ikava Suomeen/Ruotsiin.

  5. love her office and the french storage cupboards especially!

    thanks so much for the sweet treat of this video.


  6. i love that black and white entrance!

  7. Pudel-design, Pleasure, loved it, too!

    Franka, I love that it's calm and inviting but has some great statement pieces.

    Isabelle, Thanks, me too, such as the turqoise cabinet in the kitchen and the worn leather chair and the view and...

    Pia, jätte bra verkligen :) Se on muuten jännä, että Englannissa asuessa ei mulla ollut niinkään ikävä itse Suomeen vaan Pohjoismaihin ylipäänsä, niiden rajat alkoivat häilymään.

    michele, I loved them, too, and the office space is just fabulous!

    Tibs, A black&white or grey&white entrance seems to be perfection.

  8. I think, it't a special home! Very beautiful!!
    With love, Herma

  9. Hello, I greatly appreciate the Marie Olsson Nylander's home tour. I am wondering if anyone knows where she acquired those ceramic plates that are on her turquoise piece in the kitchen. It looks as though she has 2 sizes of pale grey dishes. I would unequivocally love to own something like that. I tried searching for her website/contact, to no avail.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi there - I have a feeling they just might be from her own collection - check these out Also Tine K does similar pale grey dishes, which are beautiful. Really hope this helps! Rebecca x


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