Saturday, 7 January 2012

Twelfth Night

Putting Christmas away (can't part with all of it in one go), a little trip to Porvoo, goody stash from London and my January moodboard. 

A lovely weekend to you!


  1. I've let Christmas linger this year far longer than usual. I even listened to carols past Dec. 25th something I've never done before. I like the unamerican idea of putting up the tree on the 24th and leaving it up until twelfth night. I guess it's time to take mine down as the needles are really falling. Love your beautiful blog!

  2. ihania kuvia... love them! onnellista uutta vuotta ja kiitos tästä kauniista blogistasi!

  3. Love the Laduree bag and tea box sitting on the table. I visited the new shop in NYC and waited in line for 1 1/2 hours...pure bliss! I met some nice people waiting with me...:):)

  4. Love these pics!
    The purple doors are so pretty;)
    And the ornaments too, love your blog;)

    Lovely greetings...

  5. what lovely memories you've recorded for now and for returning to someday in the future!



  6. Such pretty colours in this post !!

  7. Dear Rebecca,
    our tree was removed at Epiphany, too.
    I adore the colour shades from your moodboard... very paris like. The housetops, couture... the circular stairs beside the hats! Look at those lines, fabulous!


  8. What a fab moodbard! I love the frame and the mini bunting too. Wonderful!

  9. Had to get rid of my Christmas decorations as soon as its over - I just feel like I mentally have to move on to a new chapter - SPRING! Also loving the pink doors and the lantern outside - so inviting!

  10. debbie bailey, As we spent Christmas away this year, we got the tree early and so it was shedding its needles by New Year and out it went. But otherwise I've let Christmas linger, too, as there was no time to really get into the mood beforehand. Listening to English choir boys and burning candles really does it for me :)

    Laura, Kiitos valtavasti, oikein hyvää uutta vuotta sullekin!

    Nantucket Mermaid, Oh my goodness what a wait, but glad you had fun in the meantime :) That's the great thing about cities, despite crowds and queues, you bump into interesting people and experiences. I'm just weak for Ladurée boxes and bags, too :)

    Pudel-design, Thought it was such a cute looking shop door, too, thanks!

    michele, Merci mon ami x

    Daisy, Thanks!

    Ariane Reichardt, Thank you so much! It was quite fun to redo the moodboard after leaving it rather unattended for ages. I never tire of Paris whites and greys...

    Niki MyScandinavianHome, Thanks! I was a bit tired of the wallpaper the moodboard is covered in, so decided to fill it from corner to corner this time., Spring really is a perfect reason for wishing good riddance to Christmas. But can you believe, the snow just arrived, and spring feels a little far away in this neck of the woods. But why not start pretending it's spring at home :)


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