Monday, 26 March 2012


I've been meaning to write to you about the talented and beautiful Minna Hepburn for ages actually. Originally from Finland, she's been succesfully running her vintage fashion line Minna from Dorset, England, where she now lives. Her pieces are hand-embellished using locally produced, recycled materials. 

I was kindly granted permission to show you some photos from a recent, personal shoot featuring Minna (& some samples of her exquisite collections and rather stunning four-legged creatures) that were taken by photographer Marianne Taylor (you will find more behind the link):

Minna has just been launching pieces for her latest collection, -

, and you can visit her pages for more. 

Ah, the English countryside and its rolling hills...


  1. Nossa, que fotos mais lindas! Amei muito! Beijos

  2. Replies
    1. All so beautiful - Minna, the clothes, the shots, the English countryside :)

  3. Beautiful!
    I like the whole idea behind Minna's collection.


    1. You're right, the philosophy behind her line makes it all the more meaningful.

  4. Replies
    1. I especially love the shot with the car, classic!

  5. Rebecca, allow me to quote you: "All so beautiful - Minna, the clothes, the shots, the English countryside :)" I couldn't have said it better. I can sit here with my laptop in front of my eyes and stare at these pictures, forgetting my domestic chores that clamor my attention. Indeed, the pic with the vintage car is my favorite, competing with the horse. I love vintage cars, not that I will ever afford one, not in this lifetime. I will look up at Minna's page.
    Again, thank you for sharing .

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