Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Trash Couture

Last night I was flicking through some old issues of Norwegian Elle Interior  (now called Elle Decoration), and once again couldn't stop gawking at the Copenhagen home/atelier/showroom of Ann Wiberg, who runs Trash Couture, a collection of ethical creations made from sourced, vintage materials. After a little search I found these images on a Japanese site, and I just *have* to share them with all of you. 

I mean, just imagine being surrounded with such an elegant backdrop every day...

Photos: cmohome


  1. Looks very festive - like all the dresses is just about to start dancing. Love the colors, and soft, mysterious look. Being surrounded by a all that would be like walking around in a painting, wouldn't boring daily work and dishes and laundry..;). Just sipping champagne and enjoying it all :).

    1. Oh absolutely no dishes and laundry waiting to be folded... Although that kitchen looks so inviting that I'm sure it would be nice to cook something tasty there. Without creating any washing up of course :)

  2. i cannot imagine! omg the feathery dress under the feathery pompom just steals the breath.

    i will be staring for a little longer...

    smiles to you.


    1. The whole concept of a large enough space to house both a studio/showroom/shop and home sounds like an intriguing idea. Yes those dresses, and I so like the greys in this apartment.


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