Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On a July's night

The days have gone by in a flurry of day trips, looking after guests, summer showers, the sun caressing our shoulders, journey planning, strawberry picking, blackbirds singing, a little work, plenty of play. 

And a wish somewhere under my skin for a feeling of quiet, a summer breeze over my face during an afternoon slumber, book resting on the chest, curtains swaying in the air. Perhaps some of those days are still in store.

“Press close, bare-bosomed night -
press close, magnetic, nourishing night!
Night of south winds! night of the large, few stars!
Still, nodding night! mad, naked summer night.”
― Walt Whitman


  1. Lovely poem ...
    lovely pics ...

    sleep well!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Rauhallisia suloisia kuvia <3

  3. you've done it. you've captured the essence of a calm summer breeze beautifully.

    i will let you know the date i'll be blowing through town!


  4. Loved your post. Your description of your week and the ideal summer day was lovely, and the poem was sublime. I'm enjoying some of those little luxuries and hoping for more sunny days in which to do them. I'm so glad you are having a nice summer so far, and I'm so glad you blogged today, you brightened my day!

  5. Ihana tunnelma kuvissa ja se antaa mukavaa piristystä tähän sadepäivään!

    Tuonne aikaisempaan vielä, tuota niin pelkäsin että seinät on ajan kuluttamat mutta salaa toivoin muuta. Itse ajattelin maalipesu tekniikkaa ainakin koittaa, vaikka työ ei tule olemaan helppo, jotta ei tulisi sienen kuvioita tai muuta voimakasta kuviota vaan että saisi samean elävän pinnan. Aikaa on minullakin asiaa vielä pohtia.
    Nougatissa koitin netin kautta äsken kurkata, mutta oli ilmeisesti kalkkimaalit loppu.

    Hyviä lomapäivien jatkoja!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Su.

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  7. Lovely post - I do so long for summer. We are having far too much rain in England, it is more like Autumn.

  8. Amazing mood you have here!

  9. I love your blog, Rebecca. It's totally my style. Already have a fan in Madrid and I have added your link to my blogroll for inspiration.

  10. Lovely, again. First picture is amazing!

  11. Totally smitten with blog. Absolutely charming.

  12. Totally smitten with blog. Absolutely charming.

  13. A quick but heartfelt thank you to you *all*, it means a lot, x


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