Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Natural Home

I haven't bought myself any interior books lately, but if I did it could very well be this one - Hans Blomquist's The Natural Home 

(published by Ryland Peters & Small,
 (photography by super-talented Debi Treloar).

Crumpled, faded browns and nature-inspired simplicity speak volumes to me right now.


  1. They "speak" to me, too.... What a serene, quiet post. I want to move in.

  2. Kindred spirits indeed; my copy is on its way as we speak! :) Saw pictures from the book in a mag a while ago now and kept his name in mind...

  3. You reminded me that this book was actually on my brithday wishlist. I forgot about it, now I wonder if can wait until Christmas. The images just look so beautiful!

    1. Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift, - or little autumn treat :)

  4. Sama täällä.. Tuohon täytyy ehdottomasti tutustua tarkemmin:) Kiitos vinkistä!

    Terveiset saakurkistaa blogista

    1. Niin houkuttelevan kuuloinen blogin nimi sulla, että pitääpä kurkistaa :)

  5. Oh I have it and it´s absolutely WONDERFUL...every page of it..

  6. what a wonderful coincidence. i was just looking at this book at barnes and noble. i had asked my husband to buy a particular book for me for my birthday (in two days) but when i found the natural home, i thought, oh how i wish i had asked him to buy this one for me. it is absolutely perfect, every page. beautiful, breathtaking, lovely, inspiring, just beauty in perfection! can't wait to buy it sometime very soon. thank you for posting this about it. it's one of the best books out right now....finally something that really is amazing.

    1. In that case, the happiest of Birthdays!
      This one seems to really get a thumbs-up from everyone...

  7. I just purchased this book and it is truly beautiful..... Lovely post as always :)

  8. Very inspiring! I think the weather this season in England (far too much rain) has changed the way we feel about colours here. I've been living in a kind of Impressionist landscape longing for Autumn. The calm of natural things is a comfort. Like a nest. x

    1. I so loved reading this - and an Impressionist landscape doesn't sound at all bad, quite the opposite.
      It's interesting how the landscape affects our sense of aesthetics I think,
      and how we can embrace and find comfort also (or especially) in the greys,
      understated, graceful and calming. x

  9. So loverly pictures. I really want to buy this book as well. Nice to visit your blog//Thanks Kicki

  10. Lovely to read your comments, every one of them!

    This one really does seem to have that timeless quality about it,
    no flashing the latest must-have objects or other bling,
    but a simple, organic, pared-down aesthetic that stands the test of time.
    Definitely the way to go :)

  11. The style here is ver much Tage Andersen, the famous Danish flower decorator.

  12. definitely on my wish-list too.
    looks stunning that one..
    and i think a harmonius way
    of life.

    thank you for sharing these
    images. some are in my own
    inspiration-files, ~ but some
    were new to me. thank you !



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