Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Well we saw her home, and now for a taster of Hilary Robertson styling -

The rain is pounding on the windows,
and it's time for some coffee, candle and carrot cake therapy me thinks. 
Have a sweet day, x


  1. The room in the first picture is so beautiful: High ceilings, huge windows, that sofa (!!!) and pretty feminine touches without being too "sugary" - love it! Though I also love the darkness in the other images. xo

  2. Something's gone wrong and my comment (see above) has come up without my usual link - thought I'd just clarify ;-)

  3. Love the dark moodiness of this. Perfect this time of year.

  4. Love, love,love all these pictures.
    Thank you so much for shearing the inspiration.

    Wishing you a lovly octoberday!

  5. I love the first picture, perfect balance. Such great ceiling height and because so much light seeps in through the glorious windows, the grey walls aren't too dark. I love that the shutters and the pink sofa add the perfect touch to complete the scene. I like adding a feature piece of furniture, if the walls are a neutral tone I find adding a feature piece can bring in subtle colour and add warmth, without over doing it.

  6. Thank you dear people for leaving traces of yourselves
    ... always as lovely to read your comments.
    I think it's quite fascinating to see a home brimming with collections and secondhand finds,
    which then spill into her stylist jobs and her shop.
    Sounds like a rather appealing collector's life to me :)

  7. love those grey walls..everything stands out in the most poetic way..
    lovely post..

    love to see you at my blog corner..

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