Thursday, 22 November 2012

Paris deux (rouge)

1 Paris vu par Hollywood at Hôtel de Ville (the beauty of Paris in November, no queues to any of the exhibitions I went to), 2 pistachio mousse yumminess, 3 along Rue Saint-Paul, Marais, 4 corner place, 5 Mr Balzac celebrates red nose day, 6 the aroma in this tea shop was out of this world, they had an entire selection solely devoted to Christmas teas, 6 at merci store, 7 Flying Houses exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing


  1. That exhibition looks amazing! LOVE that picture of Miss Audrey Hepburn :)

    1. The exhibition was nice
      and I came back with a long list of movies over the years that put Paris in the spotlight
      - going through them all could be a nice lifelong ambition :)

  2. Arvasinkin tuon kutoskuvan olevan Mercistä, ihana liike, johon en joka reissulla ehdi

    1. Ymppäsin nyt Mercin Marais'n kanssa peräkkäin ja kivahan se oli. Jotenkin aika skandinaavinen.
      Ja niinhän se on, että joka paikkaan ei ehdi millään, vaikka kuinka suunnittelisi!

  3. Lovely photos, wish I was there....


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