Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Festive Spirit

Finally it seems to be hitting me, some kind of festive spirit.
 In between my December projects and deadlines,
 a couple of days off to celebrate Independence Day. 
Tonight my daughter and I went to see the Snow Queen at the National Ballet 
and tomorrow night our home will be filled with a bunch of friends and their kids. 
The mad freeze seems to have eased off at least momentarily,
 and we're left with white, quiet streets 
and fluffy snow falling from a dark sky. 

Vihdoinkin jonkinlainen juhlatuuli on tainnut minut saavuttaa. 
Joulukuun hommien ja dedisten lomassa 
pari päivää vapaata itsenäisyyspäivän kunniaksi. 
Tänään vein tyttäreni katsomaan Kansallisbaletin Lumikuningatarta, 
kotiin tyttö pulkan kyydissä lauhtuneessa joulukuun illassa 
lumihiutaleiden tippuilessa hiljalleen. 
Jotenkin ihana tunne, kun yhtäkkiä työ 
ja paukkupakkasetkin tauonneet hetkeksi. 
Huomisiltana taas luvassa talon täydeltä väkeä, 
pukuraati täällä perinteisesti pystyssä :) 
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää teille jokaiselle!


  1. Oh it is beginning to look like Christmas. Snow - oh I hope it doesn't snow here in Ireland. Our country comes to a stop if there is 1inch of snow!! Sinead p.s. I love your new header

  2. lovely classic photos...we are in a heat wave at the moment and would jump for joy at the sight of snow...
    have a lovely day.
    Bec x

  3. ..and we're left with white, quiet streets
    and fluffy snow falling from a dark sky...
    This image will put me to sleep tonight..So beautiful..
    Thank you for coming by my blog.Sanctuary is on my screen and everyday I turn on the computer I visit it!I follow your blog some years now because of its elegance and delicacy..Its truly inspiring!
    Hope your party tomorrow will be full of love and laughs!

  4. oh to see a ballet! how lovely! hope you will continue to savor the season.

    smiles to you.


  5. I can't get over the beautiful curly hair, and the adorableness of that child! Happy dance.


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