Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dark allure

As I mentioned in my recent Kristin Scott Thomas post, I've noticed a creeping fascination for photography that sets a darker tone, weaving a certain mysticism in the air that gives the imagination some wings to fly. Like in these recent Flickr faves -

'Mother and Child'
PeoniesNorCal girl

And all this makes me all the more eager to get serious with my camera, practice & learn, 
until my photos, too, can fly... 
A lifetime goal I guess.

The mother&child image is actually an autochrome from over a hundred years ago, somehow making it even more endearing.
Clicking on the images will lead you to the direct source. 

P.S. Welcome along 1000th follower, wow! 

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Makeup artist Amelie Holmberg's country abode in Sweden's Skåne has just the perfect pinch of shabby, relaxed nostalgia. The house was featured in the latest issue of Sköna hem Country Life,  

(I couldn't help notice how Amelie's kitchen has so many similar elements to ours - same tap, same fridge down to the colour, similar hob, worktops & shelves, although theirs on a much grander scale of course :)) 

Meikkitaiteilija Amelie Holmbergin skånelaiskoti on ihan tosi hurmaava. Tuo makuuhuonekin niin äärikaunis. Enkä voinut olla huomamatta, miten paljon Amelien keittiöstä löytyy samoja elementtejä kuin omastamme, heillä vaan on aikalailla isommalla mittakaavalla.

Photos: Mia Anderberg via eyes & her blog

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Madame Scott Thomas

With her impeccable English accent and classy demeanour, Kristin Scott Thomas has to be one of my favourite actresses. And I think the French life of this quintessentially English beauty is somehow fascinating. 

These portraits with their dark, strong contrasts are just stunning. 

Photos: Matthew Brookes

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday mix

Here's a quick post to wish you all a happy, happy weekend! 

(How I fell for that image of an elegant lady at an elegant bus stop in the rain...) 

Photos: 1 Casuarina, 2 by Malene Birger in Costume magazine, 3 Carine Roitfeld's home via Fashionologie

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

hope house

Photographer Paul Massey's new Cornwall home is like a breath of fresh, sea air... (and has that signature style of his written all over).

Reminding of my wishes for crumpled linen sheets 
& a holiday on the Cornish coast.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Neutral, natural vibes

A rather nothing-out-of-the-ordinary, pleasant Saturday. Ballet for the girl, nipped to pick up some curtain material, spent some time in town for the ambience and flavours of the annual 'restaurant day'. Some bubbly and eye candy in the brand new Noa Noa store (finally a complete Miniature selection also in Finland). Sitting by the sea with the sun stroking our faces. And now an evening of good old British detectives, steamy cups of tea and a few pictures for keeps here that struck a chord with me. 

Melko tavallinen, leppoisa lauantai. Tytöllä balettia, pikainen verhokankaiden hakureissu, ravintolapäivän innostamaa hengailua kaupungilla. Hypistelyä ja kuohuviiniä Yrjönkadun uudessa Noa Noa -liikkeessä (vihdoin Suomessakin kunnollinen Miniature -valikoima). Merenrannassa istuskelua auringon hyväillessä kasvoja. Nyt illalla brittidekkaria, höyryävää teetä ja muutama minuun vetoava kuva tänne talteen. 

Photos: 1 Noa Noa, 2 &tradition, 3&4 Home of Tine K photographed by Anna Malin for blackballoon

Friday, 18 May 2012

Into the calm


Creamy whites, 
reading nooks, 
votives&church candles in gigantic hurricanes, 
freshly cut flowers, 
soft Moroccan rugs,
crisp, white linen, 
curled up cat
 & rays of the sun streaming through the windows 
- what a haven...

A lovely weekend to you!

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