Saturday, 30 June 2012

A million photos from home

Yesterday we had a couple of lovely people snapping photos of our home. And as our current home has never quite surpassed the tidiness level of yesterday, I had to capture these fleeting moments, too :) The children have been enjoying a couple of summer days at their grannies and the evening ended with friends round for dinner - perfect ending to a busy week and start for summer holidays! 

Eilen kotonamme pyöri pari mukavaa ihmistä kuvia nappailemassa. Ja kun nykyinen kotimme ei varmasti koskaan ole yltänyt eiliseen siisteystasoon piti minun tämä ohilipuva hetki itsekin ikuistaa :) Lapset mummilassa ja illalla ystäviä syömään -  mainio päätös kiireiselle viikolle ja alku kesälomalle! 

The blog will quieten down for the holidays somewhat, but I'm sure I'll be making the odd appearance. 
Wishing you lingering, warm summer days!

Blogi todennäköisesti hiljenee nyt hieman kesän ajaksi, mutta satunnaisesti minusta varmasti vielä kuuluu. 
Lämpöisen viipyileviä kesäpäiviä teille! 

Monday, 25 June 2012


I've sometimes dreamt of owning a tearoom with creaky floorboards, simple antique china, fresh flowers on the tables and rows upon rows of gigantic tins of tea stacked along the walls. Well I think I now know which sort of tea my dream tearoom would be serving.

And once again the photography of Anna Williams astounds me.

Photos: 1-3 BELLOCQ, others Anna Williams Photography

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Bøgedal is the brewery and home of Danish couple Casper Vorting and Gitte Holmboe. They've done an incredible job renovating their living spaces, creating a raw, rustic, robust quality.

Photos: Fri 

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