Friday, 31 August 2012

Anthropologie Autumn

…. shot in one of my favourite cities, Edinburgh.

Images&video: Anthropologie

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Some favourites from Icelandic online magazine Home&Delicious.

A sweet evening to you, x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Country weekend

Already a week has gone by since the last time, oh my... Sticking to a rustic theme, last weekend we visited our friends in the countryside and oh did the meandering country lanes and harvest time make everything look so idyllic. And it was lovely to see our girl run around in the meadows and fields with her friend all day long, climbing up apple trees, trying the find the cat hiding in the barn, our son examining bugs under a microscope and collecting plants for the herbarium he has to compile for school - the freedom that children can't quite have in the city. And coffee in picturesque Naantali on our way home.

(By the way, as a city girl I really enjoyed reading (and of course looking at) this post touching on the juxtaposition between city life and a rural existence.)

Viikko vierähtänyt sitten viimeisen ihan noin vaan... Viime viikonloppuna kyläiltiin ystäväperheen luona maalla ja niin idylliseltähän siellä kumpuilevassa maastossa elokuisen sadonkorjuun aikaan näytti.  Tyttö varsinkin juoksenteli päivät pitkät kaverinsa kanssa pitkin peltoja ja pientareita ja nautti silmin nähden omenapuissa kiipeilystä, kissan etsimisestä aitan ylisiltä, vapauden huumasta.  Poika taas tutki innoissaan ötököitä mikroskoopilla ja sai kouluun kerättävän kasvionsa kokoon tuossa tuokiossa, mikä sattumoisin hieman stressannut kaupunkiäitiä koko kesän. Kotimatkalla poikettiin vielä Naantalissa kahvittelemassa.

(Tämä postaus oli muuten mukavaa luettavaa (ja katseltavaa) liipaten tuota maalla/kaupungissa asumisen polemiikkia)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Florsjö Gård

I still remember sharing this dream (one of a myriad of different dreams, I can tell you...) quite a while ago now. I've been nursing my little flu with a pile of old magazines in the last few days, and came across the same beautiful Florsjö Gård once again. And then found some more pictures, which I thought I'd post for all of you to see.  So here goes -

More than a hint of an idyllic Carl Larsson-esque Swedish existence there don't you think? 

(And these warmed my heart, as we now have two little violinists in the house, too, with our younger one having her second lesson today - she is so excited!)

P.S. To view another article with more pictures, you can click here.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Soothing Sunday

Today we drove back home from a weekend away through a landscape of golden fields in good enough time for cooking, huddling on the sofa, watching a movie and getting into that slouchy mood that makes Sundays such a treat. And it's that soft tenderness that my eyes seem to be tuning into as well, so what else could fit the mood quite like shots from a recent job by my favourite stylist, weaving her magic around sumptuous Helen Christensen.  

Love, x

1,5 Helen Christensen for Boden by Twig Hutchinson, 2 homelife, 3 V.K. Rees,  4 fri, 6 the virtual typewriter

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