Friday, 30 November 2012

Danish with a French feel

Blizzard outside, but warm&cosy inside. 
With these pictures from a peaceful Copenhagen home, 
I wish you all a relaxing weekend, x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sweet Paul blue

I'm not really in the mode for Christmas decorations quite yet, 
but these were too sweet to pass by -

Some Sweet Paul winter favourites

Monday, 26 November 2012

Paris encore

Paris was faded whites and greys with hints of gold, little boys in navy blue duffle coats and mustard yellow scarves, cute little jack russels without a leash, faithfully following their masters, the rustle of golden leaves under weary feet, pardons and mercis, delicious pistachio mousse cakes, noisy metro journeys, freedom and inspiration. 
And I now promise to move onto something else :) 

Pariisi oli kulahtaneen valkoista ja harmaata kultaripauksineen, tummansinisiin duffeleihin ja sinapinkeltaisiin kaulaliinoihin sonnustautuneita pikkupoikia, omistajiensa perässä vapaana kipitteleviä jack russeleita, väsyneiden jalkojen alla kahisevia kultalehtiä, pardoneita ja mercitä, maailman parhaita pistaasimousseleivoksia, äänekkäitä metromatkoja, vapautta ja innoitusta. 
Ja nyt lupaan siirtyä jo muihin aiheisiin :) 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Paris cinq (un peu d'élégance)

1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 Rodin Museum
4, 7 Louvre
2, 6, 10 Karl Lagerfeld's La petite vest noir -exhibition at the Grand Palais

Paris quatre (merci)

merci is a trendy haven currently filled with Brooklyn stars, chemistry-inspired perfume counters, Paola Navona designs in blacks, whites and reds, everything earthy and mismatched. That book-lover's dream of a café!

Paris trois (noir)

1 Dusk time, 2 At the Rodin Museum, I could have thrown my hands up in the air like her,  3 Astier de Villatte at Bon Marché, 4 Deyrolle, a whimsical place off Rue du Bac devoted to serious collections of taxidermy - butterflies, stuffed giraffes and peacocks galore (no photography was allowed, but you might spot a creature or two through the windows), 5 Bon Marché was dressed in black&gold, 6 towards St Germaine, 7 Astier de Villatte, 8 what this fails to show is the spectacle of the Eiffel tower sparkling in a million diamond lights on the hour.

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