Friday, 19 April 2013

April sneezes

I've been at home today, nursing a flu with copious amounts of tea
(brewed in that silver tea pot, 
which used to belong to my English Grandma Ellen
-she's now 97 and going unbelievably strong,
and I miss seeing her.),

 - slowly roasting some rosemary chicken,
(although I had to leave sensing the full flavours
up to my imagination... ),

and a little writing, reading,
and numbing the head watching 
cookery programmes with my girl.

The postman certainly knew how to pick the right day
to deliver an envelope of pure pleasure
(Antler by Kari Herer)
- a craving created by Pinterest
that I had to cave into.

So, bunged up but with happy thoughts,
wishing you every sweet thing for the weekend, x


  1. oh i hope you feel better and your senses fully recover soon! you've certainly filled mine up. delish!

    *heaven help me, the antlers with the blooms*



    1. Thank you sweet Michele,
      such lovely things you say...

      Those antlers, I know...


  2. Awwwwwww. Feel better soon! (The chicken "dish" sounds delicious. Hope you can enjoy it.)

    1. Simple flavours of lemon, onion & rosemary,
      I have a feeling it was tasty :)

      And thank you for your well-wishes,
      a lovely weekend to you, x

  3. you’re lovely,
    ~ & i hope you
    feel better soon ..

    oh, those antlers;
    a love one keep
    bumping in to. i
    had no idea it could
    be bought as a print
    though.. this h a s to
    be investigated !
    thank you !

    .. and i think we share
    taste a little bit; have
    the magnolia insects
    pinned somewhere too.. :)

    wish you a beautiful,
    inspired weekend,
    ~ & that you feel better
    soon !

    x, h.

  4. p.s

    rebecca, can i ask you;
    the print, ~ is it more in
    color like here, at your place,
    or in her etsy shop ?
    (feel like giving into the
    craving myself. you infected
    me. ;)

    x, h.

    1. Thank you lovely hannah,
      I'm certainly feeling better with all these kind words
      spilling in the comment box, x.

      You know, I have a feeling I initially pinned
      those magnolia insects via you
      before later finding the antlers
      and tracking them down to Kari...
      I toned the saturation down a little in these,
      so the real thing may be a notch brighter,
      but not that significantly.
      I know, these cravings -
      sometimes one just has to succumb :).
      And I certainly can recommend her little Etsy shop,
      The package arrived safe and super-fast all the way across the Atlantic.
      (and the magnolia card was a lovely bonus,another favourite.)

      A beautiful weekend to you!

  5. I hope that you feel better soon. I love the image of your grandmothers tea pot, how nice to have it.

    Take care, Elizabeth

    1. Thank you so much, x.
      I love that tea pot,
      not just because of its looks,
      but because it makes me think
      of my far-flung grandma
      every time I see it.

      A lovely weekend to you!

  6. Thank you for inspiring and beautiful images... Wishing you a happy weekend!

  7. love all the images, vignettes, and inspiration over here.

    I need to come by way more often, I am so missing out on grace and beauty.


  8. I hope that you're feeling better now.
    I can say that I like the photos ! A lot.


  9. I hope you´ll feel better really soon, lovely pics! :-)

  10. I enjoy coming here, it is like a sanctuary indeed :)


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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