Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Quelques jours à Paris (quatre)

The first time I visited Paris was when I was studying
in pulsating, energetic, colourful, vibrant London.
I remember being so taken aback by suddenly finding myself 
in such a bright, white, pale city,
with wide streets and plenty of room to breathe.
Of course Paris has many sides,
but it's that pale and luminous feel
that fills my senses every time.


P.S. One more Paris-related post to go,
then it's on to other things, promise :) 


  1. OH, I love the Paris posts!


  2. For me, it's funny that you're feeling Paris with plenty of room to breathe compared to London :-). For knowing both of these cities pretty well (and having lived in London for one year), I had the opposite feeling, that London was much greener and "roomier" than Paris... Maybe it's because London has got so many parks in the center, who knows?
    But of course, I love Paris all the same, also because it's related to my culture (I live in the French speaking part of Switzerland...), and it has its own particular poetry about it!

    Se lasse-t-on jamais de Paris? Chaque retour est une nouvelle découverte :-)
    Bonne soirée!


    1. Interesting that you've found it that way round :)
      It's true that London's sprawling parks are something I don't think you quite get in Paris
      (neater, more landscaped in Paris I guess?),
      and that's where you can escape for a chance to really fill your lungs.
      But it must have just been London's colours, the reds, blacks, fast pace,
      narrower streets and crowds that made Paris seem so large and bright and white at the time,
      offering plenty of space to navigate.
      I love both cities, too, in quite different ways,
      but I have to say that London is that bit closer to my heart,
      while Paris is extraordinarily beautiful to look at
      (and oui, its own poetry, beautifully said and so true!)
      Have a lovely evening dear M. x

  3. I never tire of reading Paris posts. It's my chance to experience the city of my dreams through other's eyes until my dream comes true. Your images are purely sublime and they truly make my heart sing!

    1. Oh Pam, you make my heart sing with a comment like that,
      thank you from my heart.
      I truly wish your dream will come true, soon! x

  4. I like it so much and it's captured in the most beautiful way !


  5. I just totally LOVE your blog! 💖
    Thank you for all inspiration!

    Huge hugs from me to you 😘

    1. Thank you dear Gua for such lovely words!
      Wishing you a lovely Sunday evening, x

  6. Just woke up after a very tiring day yesterday,drinking my cacao now and looking at Paris..
    Its amazing..the light is the same in all the photos..pale with a hint of blue..melancholic yet relaxing..a bit like swimming in it..

    1. It's interesting hearing the way you see these
      - *like swimming in it* - what an alluring way to see it!
      I think Paris definitely has its own light
      - this time a similar grey to when I was there in November,
      but, yes, perhaps with a twinge of pale blue and silver.
      I think it definitely is the pales that I'm drawn to there.

  7. I adore these pics, like candies for my eyes.

    Thanks for keeping this blog, it is truly enjoyable.

    I would love to know the story behind your home; how you found it and how the feeling came:"Yes, this is it!" I can see you enjoy your family and home. Your home is also very beautiful :)

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words dear Anonymous :)
      And what a wonderful idea for a separate blog post
      - I'll definitely follow you up on that!
      Wishing you an inspiring week ahead, x

  8. you say it so well..
    that’s the e x a c t
    feeling i get & love
    about paris, ~ that
    i didn’t have words
    for before.

    thank you for you.

    can i ask, ~ where’s
    the sofa in the 3rd
    photo ? a place to
    go next time perhaps ? :)

    x, h

    1. I've so loved seeing that luminous Paris through your lens before,
      and dare to hope that some more will be in store later on in the summer...

      The picture with the big, pale sofa is from
      the bright, beautiful top floor space
      of the modern art centre at Palais de Tokyo,
      where we went to see the Chanel 5 exhibition.
      Definitely worth a visit!

  9. everything about paris is so beautiful, romantic and artistic :)


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