Tuesday, 20 October 2015


We leave behind our nests of linen sheets
& usual humdrum. 
 A drive through a landscape 
of silver roads,
silent lakes
& birch trees dripping in gold. 

Suddenly a field
with hundreds of swans 
before taking flight
to faraway lands.

The most spine-tingling
sight & sound

We land in my parents' quiet house
& fill it with all that noise & bustle
that a family with children
tends to without even noticing.

They don't seem to mind.
There's tenderness in their eyes.

Traces of autumn everywhere you look,
silently nudging to a quieter place inside.
If summer fills you with a certain restlessness,
autumn seems to bring you back home.

The odd thing is that as a rest takes hold of heart & soul,
it's as if you gain wings to soar.

A silence & a pulsating feeling of freedom.



  1. Rebecca this is extroidinary in beauty. Your words and photography reveal the heart of Autumn. Thank you for this xo

    1. Your words struck such a chord with my heart Kerrie,
      thank you ever so much!

  2. I had to come back to let this soak into my soul. Your gorgeous photos are so large I feel like I can step inside them. So beautiful.

    1. Darlin' you,
      the swans made me do it,
      they didn't deserve to be tiny, tiny dots...
      It was one of those occasions
      when you know not even the best photographer in the world
      would be able to transport the feeling of seeing them for real,
      hearing them calling,
      as the sun was setting on a golden field.
      Out of this world.
      But I'm so thankful that with one's camera & humble means
      it's possible to put a little something out there
      that comes from the heart,
      to share moments with others.
      Thank you once again from my heart, x

  3. Rebecca I have followed your blog for years now. Your words are very inspiring but your photography....wow! The swans photo would make an amazing print. Are you selling your photographs please? Margie

    1. Thank you dear Margie so much!
      I haven't sold prints as such up till now,
      but I do have that image in high-res,
      and technically it could be made into a print...
      Feel free to send me an email at:
      and we could talk about the details,
      if you are still interested.
      Take care for now, xx

  4. you are such a gift......a treasure.....a work of exquisite art! Thank you for sharing beauty in all your magical ways. I love to save your blogs for my morning Mocha's but sometimes I just can't wait that long and have to peek. Have a beautiful day of Autumn. ~Melody

    1. Oh dear Melody,
      I'm getting a lump in my throat now.
      It makes me so happy to think of you
      clicking through with your morning mocha,
      Thank you for encouraging me so with your words,
      which I'll treasure.
      Wishing you a beautiful end of October!

  5. This blog takes my breath away. If these pictures and words are like a window to your soul -how beautiful your soul must be.


    1. g a s p
      - thank you, speechless,
      Your soul is obviously exquisite... x

  6. You have wonderful photos. Wonderful work of art!


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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