Sunday, 9 September 2018


for the first week,
we stayed bang smack in the countryside,
a handsome row of cypresses leading to our home away from home.
Asciano was the closest town,
Siena a short drive away,
so that's where we began our explorations.

something inviting about the simplicity of the church in Asciano, I thought.

we'd seen Siena already before.
it's where many years ago,
my husband blurted out
'if we ever have a daughter,
we should call her Sienna.' 
now we got to show our daughter Sienna
her namesake city for the first time.

Siena basking in an evening glow.

our base was pretty lovely with its antique beds
& cool white sheets.
Patti Smith's Devotion and a glass of chilled white wine
was the perfect riposo recipe.

more to come...


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