Monday, 30 July 2007

A hearty welcome!

Photo: Boligtorvet

This is a place for my random scribbles. A spot to mainly bring together ideas and inspiration for our home and chart the ongoing renovation process of our 40's wooden house. I opted for my other home language English as opposed to writing in Finnish, but if you wish to write a comment, feel free to do so in any language!


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! I'm looking forward to your posts, the photo you chose for your first post is beautiful and peaceful - fits the "Sanctuary" idea just perfect! Happy blogging!

  2. Tervetuloa blogimaailmaan! Kiitos myös vierailustasi ja blogini linkittämisestä!

  3. Odotan innolla blogisi jatkoa! Ihana kuva..

  4. Outi, Nuttula, Vintage Living - kiitos! Suorastaan kutkuttavaa saada ihkaekat kommentit :). Saa nähdä mitä tästä muotoutuu...

  5. Tervetuloa bloggailemaan!

  6. Welcome to the world of bloggers! I'm not too old of a blogger myself either. Long life to your blog!

    Hello from France !

  7. Good luck with your blog! you are off to a great start! :)

  8. em and katie did - Thank you so much for dropping by! I will take a look at your blogs as soon as I get back from my errands this afternoon :)


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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