Sunday, 2 September 2007

Lazy Sunday

Afternoon walk nearby,

followed by a steaming pot of tea.

P.S. Last night I went to see The Painted Veil, based on the novel by Somerset Maugham. The scenery, settings and costume were so inspiring! Although one couldn't help wonder how the heroine Kitty managed to wear those beautiful linen dresses without a single crease even after an arduous journey to the foothills in China in the middle of a cholera outbreak. Nevertheless, the on-screen wardrobe is something definitely to aspire to and enough of a reason to see the film!


  1. Voi että mitä maisemia! Ja tuo leffakuvahan on niin täydellisen ihana!

  2. Liivia ja Mustikka - Kiitos! Tuo elokuva oli oikeasti visuaalisesti kovin ihastuttava.


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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