Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My book of the moment!

Familylifestyle HOME by Anita Kaushal from Thames&Hudson is such a hit with me right now that it cannot go without sharing!

Divided into four main sections - Live, Share, Nest and Bare - the book brings vast amounts of inspiration for all aspects of family life; lounging and learning, time in the kitchen and eating, bathing and sleeping, and outdoor spaces and nature.

The pictures are beautiful without being too twee, the layout is stunning and the matt finish is a pleasure.

And you reap some ideas, like why not have a portrait painted of your child's favourite cuddly toy.
I really love the fact that the book is a true celebration of familylife, and children are incorporated into all aspects of the home and everyday living.


  1. Minun on myös pakko saada tuo kirja! Olinkin jo unohtanut koko asian. Kiitos vinkistä & muistutuksesta.

  2. Noissa kirjoissa on aina niin yli-ihania aarteita... Omat kokoelmat näyttävät vaan rojulta, mikähän siinäkin on.

  3. Kauniita kuvia. Tuo kirja pitäisi kyllä hankkia.

  4. hello hello,

    what a nice blog, I really like your stories and pictures!

    I wish you nice days !



  5. Hi,

    Just dropping by to say that I like, no LOVE, your blog. Have a happy christmas!!!!!

    Petra (The Netherlands)

  6. Niina - Eipä kestä, uskon ettet tuohon kirjaan pety!

    Matroskin - Totta. Noita opuksia lukee inspiraation vallassa kunnes puoli tuntia lukemisen jälkeen epätoivo iskee varsinkin lasten rojujen äärellä. Joskus tuntuu, että elämä on ainaista taistelua tavaraa vastaan, eikä voitolle pääse koskaan.

    Mustikka - Kiitos, kannattaa hankkia!

    Solange - Thank you, thank you! Such lovely words to warm my heart :)

    Cool Blond Mother - That's one cool name :) Thank you for coming by and saying such lovely things. I hope you have a really lovely Christmas, too!

  7. I saw this book in the bookstore before Christmas and agree that it is truly inspiring and the photos are beautiful! I particularly like the slide down the side of the stairs!!


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