Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Copenhagen II (Tivoli)


  1. Ollappa köpiksessä... huokaa. Tähän kesään ei reissuja mahtunut!
    Kiitos kommentistasi!

  2. Oh Tivoli, I was there several times as a child and I do remember that quite scary coasterroller that passed through a dark tunnel... what a feeling! :)
    One day I would like to visit it again with my own kids.
    Thanks for bringing back some nice memories! :)
    Best regards, Marjolijn

  3. Gosh this brings back memories. I went to the Tivoli gardens 35yrs ago when we were on holiday in Denmark. I remember it as a magical place and long to one day return ;)

  4. Kyllähän tulla käy ihan mieluusti, ollapa joskus siellä kunnolla aikaa!

    Urbanstems, Thank you x

    Something White, Both the kids and us adults thought that Tivoli won over Legoland hands down. It's such a fantastic setting to spend a day even if you don't bother with the rides. Hope you get to visit soon!

    Pene, I'm sure it would be so interesting to go back after all that time :) I'm sure a lot has changed, but it's still such a nostalgic looking place today.

  5. Tivoli à Noël c'est magique aussi ! Toutes ces photos me donnent envie de repartir à Copenhague

  6. Lou, It must be gorgeous at Christmas time! Hope you get to visit again soon :)


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