Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Rachel Ashwell's London home

In the middle of all the grubby renovation mess and delayed plumbing jobs (yesterday everything was going pretty smoothly, today there's a pile of little hiccups on the way), it's good to fix one's eyes on something as feminine and floaty as the London home of the queen of shabby chic, Rachel Ashwell. Oh to hit the Portobello Road market, it's been so long!

Kaiken remonttisekamelskan ja putkihommien viivästymisten keskellä (eilen kun kaikki vielä vaikutti niin kirkkaalta, nyt taas mutkia matkassa) on parempi suunnata silmät muualle kuin omiin nurkkiin. Rachel Ashwellin uusi Lontoon koti on kuin koru, päästäpä taas Portobellon markkinoille!

Photos: Lonny magazine


  1. Kuin koru tosiaan. Ostin keväällä hänen kirjan, se on ihana inspiraation lähde. :)

    Jaksuja remppaan!

  2. I have every book and have read every word she's written ...


  3. Wonderful images! I think I have to look for her books. Hugs Yvonne

  4. Don't you love Lonny? Rachel Ashwell is in my top 10, for sure. Love these images.

  5. Love this! I've always wanted an entirely white room!

  6. I like the white motiff of your apartment, it looks so pure and classy

  7. She never goes out of style does she!!

  8. I have been a follower of Rachel Ashwell for a long time. I was wondering what magazine the article you posted on Rachel came from. I would love to get the magazine.
    Enjoying your blog so much!:)

  9. I always love seeing images of her space. So pretty and effortless

  10. Hi,
    It was so nice to see. Beautiful home !
    Thank you for showing !


  11. Hi guys,

    I wrote individual messages for all of you yesterday, but they did a disappearance trick when I tried to post them! So here's a short and sweet joint reply to all of you. I love reading your comments, so thanks!

    We all seem to agree that she's a real inspiration, seems to have kept true to her style for so many years now before all this vintage thing really became truly trendy. Yet she seems to update her style so effortlessly at the same time.

    Renee, the article was from Lonny Magazine at - it's an online magazine, and I'm not sure whether the same article has been published in some other paper magazine as well. You can subscribe to Lonny online for free.

    Hope you've all been having a great weekend!

  12. She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! and your blog is always so gorgeous...Sitting here in my little shop on a sunny winters afternoon here in Australia...Thank you for your constant inspiration...xx

  13. Absolutely love your blog and the images you select. Simply beautiful and inspiring! Really want a copy of the magazine with this article on Rachel Ashwell, can you tell me the title and month??

    thanks much....

  14. oops! just saw your tag line. photos from Lonny Mag. still lovin your blog!


  15. Love your scrapbook of inspirations and ideas... I could be all day long browsing through your blog!!!!
    greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

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  17. hi dear,
    i love so much rachel aswell inspiration...i read a book about her because i try to decor my home with shabby chic style... i would like to congratule for your blog because it looks very beautiful ...
    if you like visit me at my blog am daniela from italy,
    xo xo


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