Tuesday, 19 October 2010

London IV, Chelsea


  1. I love the soft-ice-colored houses!


  2. Loving all your photos of London. Great pictures and a nice trip down memory lane as its so long since I spent any real time there.

  3. London is one of the most facinating cities in the world. I just love the whole athmosphere.

  4. Ok I will take any of these houses too!! Your photos are amazing. Sinead

  5. Tasiaa, Or like little cupcakes :)

    Victoria, So glad you've been enjoying them. Luckily London is always there and a great deal stays the same!

    BROCANTE, It definitely has it's own vibe. For me, visiting Paris seems to leave me with a sense of beauty and tranquility, while London gives a surge of energy. I love both cities, but London seems to cut deeper because of all the memories and knowing it better.

    Urbanstems, Thanks hon, it's a tough decision, which one to pick :)


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