Saturday, 26 March 2011

A sunny Saturday morning to you! The home of Mille in Copenhagen, who is the owner of vintage shop Carmen&Fantasio, is filled with a unique ambience. The day has started with a relaxed vibe with coffee in bed, hubby getting back to painting and my daughter and I will be heading for a spot of shops and a café visit in a moment. Hope you all have a good day!

Photos: Idenfor&Undenfor


  1. Lovely pictures! i like the lamp, where some man is holding that lightball=) nice interiors, and moods!

  2. Lovely lovely lovely! Especially the deep window sills.

  3. Niin kaunista ja värit oih!

    Hyvät viikonloput!


  4. wonderful photos! would love to visit this home ...

  5. So wonderful pictures from this lovely house indoor and outdoor.

    Have a nice weekend

  6. What a wonderful home.
    Very individual and very charming!


  7. Onpa herkullinen koti, ja varmasti tuo puotikin! Kuvia, joihin tulee palattua, kiitos.

  8. ahhhhhh these are truly uniquely beautiful rooms. thanks for sharing so much lovely. i love the repetition of the spheres throughout!


  9. You always show us the most beautiful homes and how did I miss the post before this one.....lovely!

  10. I was guided here by a very good friend, both in real life and also in blogland. Your photos are beautiful and I feel so relaxed just looking at them! I will be back! Ann

  11. Thilda, Agree, so individual and atmospheric!

    akissfromthepast, The mood is just so strong and inviting, and the art deco lamps add such an impressive touch.

    Merja, Rows and rows of those lovely deep sills!

    Anu, Mahtavan syvät värit näissä mustakin, ja nuo uskomattoman kauniit vintage-vaatteet joka puolella, ah.

    Barbara, Oh yes!

    Angi, I just love seeing a home that is not a copy of everyone else's home, refreshing.

    Franka, Individual and charming indeed!

    Liivia, Ei kestä, tuo puoti on tosiaan houkuttelevan näköinen, jos vaikka seuraavalla Köpis-reissulla osuisi kohdalle!

    michele, A pleasure to share, glad you liked them, too :)

    Heidi, Thank you so so much!

    The Boston Lady, That was so nice to read, and I do love to hear about people who end up coming to read here. Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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