Thursday, 31 March 2011

Well I think I'm churning out posts at a pace that makes it my personal record :) Here are some shots from Othilia Thalund's home in Denmark's Taarbaek along my favourite stretch in the world,  Strandvejen. She runs an interior firm Othilia Decor, which has its showroom in Copenhagen. I'm sure I can hear the sea...

Photos: Fri


  1. I like her kitchen so much!!!

    And I'd like to step into her shop!


  2. ooooh, keep churning, Rebecca. and we'll keep devouring. so happy to discover Othilia and could stare at the images all day! yum!


  3. Oh love, love , love this's just heavenly, thank u! :))

  4. Oh love, love , love this's just heavenly, thank u! :))

  5. Lovely, Rebecca. I am really enjoying your daily post! Thank you for sharing your wonderful images! Today I love this simple style because it is a look that even I, {an apartment dweller} could similarly achieve. I have visited your blog every day for a very long time and I am always curious how you came to have perfect English. Care to tell us your story?

  6. So the tolix chairs and the beautiful views!!

  7. Hi Rebecca,

    I found your blog through We were both featured on the same post. Yay!! Anyway, your blog caught my eye and when I came over I was bedazzled by the beautiful images you've chosen to use in your posts. Gorgeous!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm your newest follower. Okay, stalker!!


  8. Franka, Her kitchen looks like such a calm oasis. Wish I could say that about mine :)

    michele, Thanks for the pep talk, I'll do my best :)

    Claudia Lane, You're more than welcome :)

    myblisstwo, Thank you so much! I'm an apartment dweller, too, so I know what you mean, there's only so much creative space to work with :) (but I love it!). I'd be happy to share about my story - I have an English father and Finnish mother, so grew up with both languages spoken at home. And I went on to study English at university, and met my future (English) husband during my exchange year in London. We've been living in Finland for the most part since, and our kids now have the same bilingual upbringing as I did.

    designchic, A friend and I stayed along Strandvejen one November, and these pictures reminded me of those quiet, grey views back then. Somehow it was even more stunning and impressive than during the summer heat with the hoards of people taking to the beaches.

    Sarah @ Modern Country Style, So exciting, I've been featured in lovely company! Glad to have found you, too x

  9. love these black&white harmonies... so peacefull!

  10. How beautiful this place is !
    Pure as a cold Scandinavian winter...


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