Monday, 6 June 2011

Photographer Sanna Lindberg

So many things to love in these, those chairs for starters...

Photos: Sanna Lindberg


  1. Wow, gorgeous, truly. I think I love everything here.
    Happy week!

  2. Ihania kuvia! Samoin oli kyllä tuossa edellisessäkin postauksessa.

    Ihanaa kesää!

  3. loving these...and definitely more inspired to get my place in order, create some simple beautiful art, and take clear dreamy photos more like Sanna.


  4. Beautiful! That refrigerator in one of the first shots is fantastic, I want it! :)

  5. You had ma at the fridge it!

  6. Wonderful photographs - she has an amazing eye! The rooms look so real and lived in too.

  7. Whimsical place full of heart and soul...
    it beautifully reflects a creative life.

  8. Oi todella kauniita kuvia ja tuolit ottaisin minäkin!
    Ja nyt tulikin halu mennä kirpputoreja kiertämään piktästä aikaa.


  9. I am so glad that you are back! I start my morning looking at your blog. I love that fridge too!

  10. So lovely and casual. Those arches and branches are my fav!

  11. FrenchByDesign, Such a lot of eye candy in these, a happy rest of the week to you, too!

    Hanna, Kiitos, hyvää kesää toivottelen sinnekin uutukaiseen taloonne!

    michele at hellolovelyinc, Sounds like a plan! I'm desperate to get things in order here, too, such a lot to do still. But I started by cleaning the windows, quite an achievement :)

    Ms. Charity P. , Guess what, we've got the exact same fridge right down to the model+colour. I hugged it when it arrived :)

    polkadotpeticoat, One great fridge that one :)

    Global Atelier, It's not such an easy feat to achieve a combination of enough interesting elements to catch the eye, yet the overall look being uncluttered. Here it really does work.

    Linda Tinfena, You say it so well, definitely a creative vibe.

    Anu, Huomaan, että salakavalasti on muhun hiipinyt himo edes yhteen tai kahteen vanhaan wieniläistyyliseen tuoliin, ehdottomasti tummana. Porvoossa näin ihan uskomattoman kauniin yksilön yhdessä antiikkikaupassa pari viikkoa sitten, mutta myyjä ei sitä edes suostunut myymään...

    Nantucket Mermaid, Thanks for your kind words! I think it's one of the best ways to start a day if there's time and enough peace - a cup of steamy coffee and browsing through an assortment of favourite blogs.

    Stylelinx, I'm curious to know what that place actually is, looks fantastic.


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